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War between Kings: Shangó, Obatalá and Odúa fight for power≫ Pataki

Shango Obatalá and Odúa

The Pataki relates that Kawo Sile was a strict king who dominated the kingdom of Oyó for many years, this, supported by Obatala the Orisha monarch of Igbo waged a war of land and power against Odua, sovereign of the lands of Ifé.

Pataki: Odúa defeats the thrones of his adversaries

At nightfall the warriors of Obatala painted themselves with cascarilla and they wore maribos, garments that they wore in order to scare the army of Ifé, who thought they were attacked by ghosts, a fact that made them retreat from the battlefield.

Before the great war broke out, one of the daughters of King Obatalá had a secret relationship with a general of Odúa's army, love grew between the young people and one night after a passionate meeting the princess confessed to the warrior that her army was not besieged by ghosts.

He explained to the same that the strange beings that tormented the hosts during the night were nothing more than his father's soldiers, camouflaged with palm leaves and cascarilla. 

Odúa discovers the strategy of the soldiers of Obatalá

The information soon reached the ears of Odúa who ordered to prepare a trap against the invaders.

The soldiers of Ifé mined the fields with bonfires and once the enemy penetrated these, they set fire to all the torches, the enemy was seriously wounded, causing multiple casualties in the army of Obatalá that night.

Immediately afterwards, Odúa pursued the invader and with the help of his brave men they dethroned Obatala dominating his kingdom forever, despite the fact that the king was left alive, he had to flee into exile because his existence and that of his descendants were in serious danger. .

The fall of the throne of Shango

Before the final offensive that would leave Obatalá without a crown, he had requested the help of Shangó so as not to lose his kingdom, a plea that the monarch of Oyó completely ignored, a fact that caused great disappointment in Obatalá.

Then with more strength than ever Odúa undertook a new offensive, but this time against Shango, seeing himself surrounded by enemy troops, Kawó Silé set fire to his palace and fled.

Some believe that he went into exile while others claim that he entered the mountains in order to kill himself.

In this way Odúa seized the kingdoms of Oyó and Igbo under his rule, putting an end to the reign of Obatalá and Shango and the bloody war that had devastated the three peoples in an overwhelming way.

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