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In Ogbe Otura Shango lost the Ifá board. Why was he punished?

Shango Ogbe Otura

At the beginning of time Olodumare came down to earth and consecrated Shango and orunmila under the secret of Ifá.

As Shango was a very skilled warrior and had had so many military successes, unlike Orunmila who was a man given to thought and interpretation, he decided to grant the first the Ifá board, so that through this the Orisha could perform the art of the fortune telling.

Pataki where Olodumare delivers the gift of divination

Over the months, Shangó, who was very popular, had obtained a religious people that followed him everywhere and since he was very given to parties, wherever he went, he accompaniedañaba of music, women and rum.

One day in the midst of so many festivities, Shango began to look for a new woman to look at, one who was not stained and who only had eyes for him.

Eleggua Who was in the same enclosure as Shango, told him of a very beautiful flower that was kept in a special place, away from man's sight, so that no one could stain it, since it was Olodumare's spoiled maiden.

Then Shango, who adored challenges, set out in search of that woman.

The meeting of Yewá and Shango unleashes the wrath of the Supreme

Upon reaching Olodumare's garden, all the maidens rushed before Shango, kissing her hand, all except one who remained isolated. Shango knew immediately that this was their objective.

The maiden's name was YewáShe felt that someone was approaching and without raising her head she began to listen to the beautiful and pre-elaborated words that Shango was saying to her.

And so the days went by until after so much insistence, the Orisha got Yewá to look at him, thus defeating Olodumare.

Olodumare furious told Yewá that he was disappointed in her and as punishment for her lack of loyalty:

Would be sent with Oyá yansa to the realm of the dead, where He would never see anyone in the eye again, for the dead lacked eyes.

The Ifá board is given to the fortune teller Orula

Shango, who would not escape unscathed after causing the injury, was punished for losing the gift of divination through the Ifá board.

Gift that was conferred on Orunmila by the hands of Olodumare himself, who expressed to the Orisha:

Do not disappoint me, you who are more serene and less given to parties and women will be more appropriate for this responsibility.

In you I deposit the past, the present and the future of the world, I am sure that with your intelligence and temperance you will make better use of the board than Shango.

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