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Prayers to Shangó, Ogún and Aggayú for strength and protection

Shango Ogún and Aggayú

A Shango, Ogun y AggayuWe ask you to support us with your protective drive to go through the dissimilar complicated situations that life imposes on us. These three deities are characterized by being strong, just and very protective of their devotees.

Shango, god of thunder

The God of thunder and lightning, of fire, dance and justice, is one of the four main orishas of the Yoruba pantheon and one of the most revered by Cubans.

We pray to Shangó for justice, strength and protection to face complicated situations in life, always trusting that he will listen to us and guide us on the best way to get out of problems as soon as possible.

However, Shango loves that his devotees prove to be strong and worthy of his blessings, so he should be prayed to him without fear and with confidence in the good results.

Let us remember that we must also prepare some offerings to your liking to thank you for your blessings such as strong, spicy or well-seasoned meals.añatwo with red wine, as this is the favorite drink of warriors. And fruits like bananas and apples.

To implore the protection of Shango, the royal spell is dedicated to him to defeat the enemy or the prayer to the Seven Rays of Chango, through which we invoke the Orisha and its syncretism in the Afro-Cuban culture, Santa Bárbara, to help us defend ourselves in a fighting situation.

Prayer to the 7 rays of Chango

“I conjure the seven rays of Chango, by the holy name of the Almighty, to make the hearts of my enemies tremble.

I conjure you, oh mighty Santa Barbara, so that your eyes are mine and my eyes are yours. Make no evil entity can reach me, make your rays shake the abode of those who fight me, dissolve all obstacles.

O mighty elemental spirit of the earth: combine your forces with mine so that the power of the evil one is withdrawn. Amen".

Ogun, warrior of the irons

The Orisha Oggun is war, iron and fight, it symbolizes the beginnings, the beginning, the mañana, spring, and also the powers of command, force, violence, impulse, and authority.

He is the patron Orisha of blacksmiths, wars, technology, army surgeons and anyone who works with metals. This is why he has a strong and violent character and fervently protects the devotees.

It is he who is in charge of taking justice into his own hands and we ask him for protection, prosperity and health above all things, as he can support us in situations of uncertainty.

Their prayers must be carried out at an altar destined for the veneration of Oggún and if this is not possible, it must be in a quiet and peaceful space, where we can communicate calmly with the orisha and express our problems to him.

To ask for the protection of Oggún, we must think about moving away or protecting ourselves from someone who wishes evil. This is one of the prayers that we must pray.

Prayer to Oggún to defeat enemies

Great Orisha Oggún, you with your tools of power

Protect me and cover me

Of all those who wish me evil

I trusted you, in your protective mantle

I give you my enemies (mention if known)

I give you all his concepts, ideas and thoughts on a silver platter. So that you keep them away from me (full name).

So be it.

Aggayú: father of Shango and Orisha of the volcanoes

Aggayú is volcano and fire, the orisha of the dry land and desert, patron saint of walkers and porters. Aggayú is the father of Shango and symbolizes the powers of the river and earthquakes. He is an Orisha warrior who likes to protect young children.

He is the orisha of the volcanoes, he is the giant and the boatman who helps people to cross the river. He acts as a protective father, and that is why many people pray to him for comfort, help and protection.

Aggayú is prayed to as if it were a father, telling him what ails us, be it a matter of love, money, health or protection. If we do it with respect, he will come to our aid to protect us and help us deal with any difficult situation.

Because of his strength and his facet as a warrior, many ask him for protection against various problems, lighting a candle and praying for his help.

The prayers to Aggayú Solá are linked to his syncretism with San Cristóbal, protector of travelers, sailors, transporters and boatmen. He is asked for help to cross rivers and waters. It also brings health and cures the sick.

These are two prayers to implore protection from the Saint and the Orisha.

Prayer to Saint Christopher:

Unclean martyr and powerful defender of his devotees in tribulations and diseases and a special refuge in storms and epidemics.

Loving Jesus, fundamental stone of our faith, in whom we faithfully believe, for which your glorious martyr Saint Christopher had, with which he preached to you without fear of death and in your name he did wonders, healing the sick and executing wonders, as it was to flourish again. the arid log.

By their merits we beg you to give us strength to exercise by work those who believe in faithfulness, and that, emerging from the sterility of guilt, may our lives be adorned with the beauty of virtues.

So that we may be able to bear fruits of glory by your grace, granting us now what we ask of you in need and at the hour of our death ascend to enjoy you eternally in heaven for centuries. Amen.

I pray to Aggayú Solá:


Algayú chola iye kini obá abara chola oyina obá ni na oké gbina misísiyi, awa orno nile gbogbo teriba. Awa o / e ki kó de ma gbina, ati na buruku baba me balomi


It is said that Algayú is the saint, but it is not so it is the seat of the biggest throne of the king; take great care of the world, that the king, lit wick, cares from afar, the king of the high candle, in our days, we children of the earth all obey, we want that the candle and bad things do not arrive. My father, come with me.

With these prayers we ask for strength from the three Orishas, ​​Shangó, Ogún and Aggayú, praying that they give us strength, justice and protection, remember that you must pray with great faith, you can give them an offering before the prayer, light a candle or something as simple as offer your gratitude.

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