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Otura Meyi: With Saraeko's gourd, Shango saves her children from osogbo

Shango Otura Meyi

Shango He used to visit new lands every day in order to become aware of the problems and needs of his children.

Pataki where Shango taught his children the importance of honoring Olofin and Eggun

On one occasion he came to a region called Takue, a place where they performed religious ceremonies without giving Eggún or Olofin knowledge.

Upon his arrival he found great need and famine, the inhabitants of this region had received him, treating him as a stranger without recognizing the lineage or merits of the Orisha of fire.

A fact that surprised Shango, but he did not say anything.

Back in Ara Male Shango was received as he deserved, by the religious people who awaited him.

nangare, the sacred ritual to obtain Olofin's blessing

He observed that in his land good religious practices were honored through a ceremony called nangare, where the dead and Olofin were worshiped to give him knowledge that a Yoruba work would be carried out.

This was precisely the reason why the town was prosperous and healthy, since with this ritual they obtained the blessing of Olofin.

When Shango saw Saraeko's gourd, he decided to take it and in a charity work to bring to the land of Takue the religious knowledge that they lacked in order to make them prosperous and change their luck with this action.

Upon his arrival he was received with the same frivolity as a few days ago, but he said nothing or complained.

He quickly identified with the people by showing them the Saraeko Gourd and by placing it on a mound of sand, he taught the religious in that area:

The importance of giving an account of their ceremonial acts to Eggún and Olofin, who awaited the respect they deserved.

Honoring the word of Shango prosperity is achieved

There were many who mistakenly underestimated the words of Shango, but others in his defect were receptive to his teachings and in time the results of the new custom were seen.

The religious who had honored the word of Shango, the Orisha who owned the Bata drums, had received many blessings by changing their lives completely.

While those who had decided to ignore it continued mired in spiritual and economic backwardness.

With the Ñangare, Shango gave men the possibility of doing things well and not violating any religious step.

For this reason, every time a coronation is performed, this ritual is performed to give an account to Olofin of what is happening in the place, allowing the father to grant his blessing on the person and his relatives.

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