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Why does the Orisha Shango have the Ashé of the Lightning? ≫ Pataki

Shango lightning

Shango, is one of the most revered gods of the Yoruba pantheon, for his immense powers and his intelligence and sagacity. It is an Osha associated with dance, virility, thunder, lightning and fire, which, according to Yoruba legends, were given as a divine gift from the God Olofin.

The great Shango is the Orisha of Thunder, of justice and is characterized as historical, warrior and divine. It represents masculine beauty, passion, intelligence and wealth. He is the priest of the oracle of Diloggún and that of Biange and Aditoto.

It is characterized by the intense red color, like fire and its attributes define it as the great warrior and fighter that it is. There is not a battle that Shango does not win with his double-edged ax, with it he snatches the obstacles of life from the enemy.

But his ashé and his great powers are associated above all with thunder and it is heard that when it thunders a lot, it is because Shango is happy.

The pataki of Shango and the punishment of Olofin

They say that one day the great creator Olofin sent for Shangó to entrust him with some tasks that required his experience and intelligence as a warrior.

But Shango is also the king of the drum and the dance, and thus he enjoyed a party and did not want to go before the mandate of Olofin. Rather, he spent the whole day at a güemilere (party) dancing and drinking the way he loved it.

Olofin, very offended, was left wondering how to punish the Orisha who rejected his request. Days later he had an idea and knowing that Shango loved good food, he invited him to lunch.

The creator prepared akukó (rooster) and black beans with a lot of spice in order to punish the disobedient Shango.

And this, living up to his reputation as a glutton, responded promptly to Olofin's invitation.

The gift of lightning for Shango

Shango ate all that Olofin gave him and he felt fully full and content. But when he finished eating, he began to feel that a very big thing was spinning in his stomach and he was terribly scared.

He looked at Olofin who was laughing and knew that this was his punishment for disobedience and immediately he began to jump and throw lightning at the Earth.

Olofin, without stopping to laugh, wanted to placate the warrior so that he would not cause damage to the Earth and thus told him: "Shango, from today only you will have the ashé of lightning."

Since then, it is Shango, the Orisha of thunder and lightning, who governs and controls his power, also for this reason he is given devotion as one of the most powerful deities of the Yoruba pantheon.

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