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Why did Shango eat ram? Otrupon Meyi is an Ifá of betrayal

Shango and the ram

The ram was one of the best servants he owned ShangoHe was docile and attentive to the demands of the Orisha who owns the candle, but deep down he envied him and wished for his friend all the evils in the world.

Pataki where the ram challenged Shango to a fight

One day he secretly began to put together a plan to destroy Shango, allying himself with the rooster.

The rooster and the ram knew that Shango was a very strong rival to beat, so the ram asked his ally to help him get some jars to defend himself when he charged the Orisha.

The rooster set out in search of the jars, while the ram that knew all the secrets of Shango crept into his house and took out his weapons one by one, until he was completely unprotected.

Shango discovers the betrayal and asks the fortune teller Orula for advice

When the ram had his jars he challenged Shango to a fight, the surprised Orisha could not believe that his inseparable friend committed such a betrayal, but before going to the battlefield he went to visit Orunmila, who registered it warning him that:

He would suffer material losses, but if he did the ebbó he would be victorious.

Shango, who had blind faith in the word of Ifá, did the ebbó and left for his home.

Upon arrival, he went to the closet to look for his weapons and when he opened it, he found nothing more than an empty showcase.

Realizing that it had been stolen by his enemies, he had to find a quick solution.

What they did not know was that Shango kept an Ácana bat in another part of the house, which he treasured with affection, as it had been his first combat weapon, and taking the bat he set out to meet the ram.

Trusting the word of Ifá and doing ebbó, the orisha of fire won his enemies

The enemy quadruped eagerly awaited the appearance of Shango, believing that the king would come unarmed.

Suddenly the Orisha was seen arriving carrying his bat and the ram who was wearing the jars, swallowed dry and in this way the fight began.

The combat was turbulent, the ram attacked Shango furiously while he, after several blows, knocked down his jars, rendering him defenseless in the fight.

The ram was invaded by fear, knowing that without the jars it would be defenseless before the Orisha.

At the end of the battle and at the time of executing the traitor Shangó expressed:

From today and for your lack of respect I will eat ram in honor of this victorious day.

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