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Shango, the King of thunder who possesses the gift of imparting justice ≫Pataki

Shango and justice

Shango He is a warrior Osha, the king of the Yoruba religion and one of the most popular Orishas in the cult of Santeria, worshiped for his majestic way of being, for his virile strength and for his way of solving conflicts, applying justice and acting with intelligence and rigor.

He is the Orisha of justice, who not only alludes to masculine beauty and passion for life, but also to intelligence and historical knowledge.

Yoruba legend tells that obbatala He gave her the gift of imparting the justice of Olodumare on Earth and for her he gave her a white bead, as a symbol of peace and wisdom, that the Orisha of Thunder wears along with the red beads of his necklace.

Obbatalá told Shango that, from that moment on, his virtue would be justice and that he would ensure compliance with the commandments of Ifá.

Patakí: Shango punishes the conflictive

This pataki tells that one good day Shango the Thunder KingOn his way as a traveler, he met a town that he liked very much and decided to spend some time there.

But after spending a few pleasant days admiring the picturesque landscape nearby, Shango realized that the seemingly peaceful place turned out to be a veritable hell.

Despite the beauty that surrounded the town, the fact is that a great discord reigned among all its inhabitants.

The orisha could hardly fall asleep and enjoy the beautiful landscapes due to the constant fights, slander and gossip of some habitabefore against others. He reigned over death and mourning was usual everywhere, families fought and brothers attacked each other everywhere.

The Justice of the Thunder King

Faced with so many catastrophes and such a difficult scenario, Shangó was outraged and decided to teach all the children a great lesson.abitabefore.

So one day he went out on the street with his drum and started playing. So beautiful and inviting was the melody, that the residents of the place were leaving their houses and began to dance.

But then lightning began to strike everywhere and a gigantic electrical storm was unleashed that left everyone stunned.

The leaders of the place approached him, made him moforibale and implored his forgiveness. But Shango only ceased when he was promised that from now on there would be no more confrontations, no more quarrels or dislikes. Only thus was the Orisha's fury appeased.

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