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The Story of Obatalá and Shango fighting to rule the Earth

Shango and Obatalá

The large Orisha Obatala he is the father and mother of all men, sculptor of the universe, human beings and everything that habita in the planet. He is the one who enjoys the color white and everything peaceful and pure. He is wise, protector and a tireless warrior for justice.

He represents creation and everything higher, but he can also be despotic and strict, although he is normally characterized as a father full of patience and love for his children.

However, everyone knows that angering Obbatalá is the worst thing that can happen, it is so fair that it does not tolerate disrespect, its punishment is impetuous.

For his part, the God of thunder and momentum, ShangoThey have an explosive character, eternal energy and great strength. He is a mighty warrior, king and fighter of multiple battles, Orisha of justice, lightning, and fire in the Yoruba pantheon and owner of drums, dance and music.

It is not advisable to anger Shango either, as he will let his fist of justice fall like lightning.

But one fine day, these powerful gods decided to clash for the command of the world.

Pataki of the orishas Shango and Obatalá

The Pataki says that for a time the earth was without government or direction, so the Orisha was sought who could rule over men and help them in their survival.

Thus, two of the strongest Orishas wanted to occupy the position. A strong fight began between Shangó and Obatalá for being in front of the Earth.

In the midst of the dispute, Shango challenged Obatala to arm themselves with large axes in order to choose who was the one who should rule the world.

Obatala accepted the challenge, but he knew that in such a fight, he would lose to Shango, who was a younger, stronger and more agile Orisha than him.

Obatalá goes to the foot of Orula to consult

That is why the Father of the Orishas came to orunmila, the great fortune teller who deciphered the past and also the future, who told him to pray with the phrase "akuko meyi, asho funfun and dundun", using melon seeds and owo. He also ordered that he give akukó (Rooster) to Eleguá and Oggún, to win the fight against Shangó.

After the offering, Eleguá told Obatalá to go talk to Oggún, the owner of the iron, so that he could build the axes that he would use in the duel.

Obatalá did so and was sure that he would not lose the fight. Eleguá and Oggún prepared the axes and the one that they gave to Shangó had the end split so that the Orisha would not notice.

Shango loses the battle

The great Olofin presided over the fight and gave the order for the fight to begin, and Obatalá took the good ax and gave Shangó the other.

Thus they began to throw blows to the right and left and Shangó seemed to win the battle, because he knocked down Obatala.

But almost upon proclaiming himself the victor, the end of the ax broke, which Obatalá took advantage of to knock it down and throw it to the ground.

Olofin declared Obatala as the winner and from this moment gave him command of the land and Shango knelt before Obatala requesting his blessing.

Legend has it that Shangó with the passing of time learned of Obatala's trap and for this reason he launched a curse on the earth.

Obatalá achieved his goal because he followed Orula's advice to the letter, and since the diviner's holy word never falls to the ground, the wise father emerged victorious from a battle that he considered lost.

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