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Why does Obba cut off an ear out of love for Shango? ≫ Patakí

Shango and Obba

Shango He is an Orisha leader by nature, a highly revered warrior Osha and representative of dance, thunder, lightning, fire, and the most virile male beauty.

He is the Orisha of justice and in history, he is one of the kings of the Yoruba religion who represents the joy of living in an intense way, masculine beauty, passion, intelligence and wealth.

The santeros indicate that Shango is associated with reason, knowledge and intellect, as well as the values ​​of justice and law.

But as it also symbolizes masculinity in its purest form, many of his patakis narrate their battles for the love of women, for dancing and having fun.

The 3 Loves of Shango

Oshun, the goddess of love, Oyá, the deity of Centella and Obba, the goddess of lakes and spirits, are among the main women who share love stories with Shango.

But of them, the one who is considered his first and main wife is Obba, owner of the lakes that habita the cemetery and the mountains and that symbolizes the sacrifice for the purest love.

Pataki: Shango's true wife, Goddess Obba

This Pataki says that Obba's father told her that it was time to choose a husband, and she already had the man of her life in mind.

And it is that when Shangó and she met, at the moment an attraction arose that gave way to a deep love. But he lived with Oyá, the warrior of the dead.

However, Shangó was so in love that he married Obba and at first, their union was happy. The drum king left his wanderings with Oyá and devoted himself entirely to his new wife.

The married life of the couple was happy, Obba lowered all the mañaThey went to the river to meet their sister Oshún, and the two told each other their secrets while they bathed.añaThey were in the waters of the river.

OyáFurious at having lost Shangó, she saw them and could not contain her envy, because that beautiful woman had managed to marry the love of her life.

revenge of Oyá the warrior

One day, the Goddess of Lightning had a fateful dream of revenge. In spirit, he moved to the home of the Eggun, and, in the desert cemetery, he found the solution to regain his lost love.

to the mañaThe next day, she went to meet her sisters and gained Obba's trust, but was unable to eng instead.añara Oshun, who quickly alerted Shango's wife of the warrior's bad intentions.

But Obba was delighted with Oyá who gave him advice and recipes for Shangó's favorite foods to make her husband very happy.

One day Oyá He advised her that if Obba cut off her ear and prepared it with corn, it would please her husband infinitely.

And although the advice seemed very strange to Obba, he believed it and was quick to cut off his ear. Then he made a corn broth with it.

Shango repudiates Obba forever

When Shango arrived at his palace, he found the table set and his favorite dish on it, which he ate with pleasure, although without ceasing to observe his wife, whom he found different.

He realized then that Obba was wearing a nine-colored scarf that covered his ears, which he never wore, since Shango loved his long braids and silky hair and asked him to take it off.

When he saw her without an ear, he was enraged, because he, perfect in his beauty, did not allow an imperfect woman at his side.

Shango embraced her for the last time, and told her that she would be his only and true woman for her immense sacrifice, but they would not have any more relationships.

Obba, then understood the deception and ashamed, went to the palace of her wise father Obbatalá and asked him:

«I want to go where no one can see me. I want to live with the dead, with the spirits, with those who cannot harm me. The cemetery will be, from now on, my ilé (home)”

Thus Obba went to live near the tombs, in solitude and suffering bitterly from the heartbreak of the king of lightning.

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