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Why does Shango have to carry Oggue? Pataki by Ogunda Odi

Shango and Oggue

In the Yoruba pantheon Oggue is a minor orisha and it does not settle, but it possesses great power. In nature it is the deity that represents horned animals and herds.

Keeps a close relationship with the warrior and owner of fire, Shangoactually lives on top of it. They share many characteristics such as the same color, herbs, and offerings.

Oggue also forms a trilogy with the owner of the cultivated fields Orisha Oko and with Oke, the deity who symbolizes elevations and mountains.añas of the earth, together they lead the abundance and prosperity of men.

Pataki where Shangó and Oggue are united by order of Obatalá

In this Yoruba story, Oggue was known in his land as a healer, because he attended and healed everyone.

One day the white father Obbatalá He calls Oggue and sends him to the house of a woman who needed attention because she was very ill.

Then Oggue, following Obatalá's command, goes to the sick woman's house and on the way, Shango sees him.

Shango immediately goes to the sick woman's husband and says:

Your wife is unfaithful to you with Oggue and if you want to prove it go to your house right now that they are together.

The sick woman's husband flies into a rage, arms himself with a machete and leaves for home.

When he opens the door of his house, he sees his wife lying down and Oggue standing in front of her.

Then he begins to offend his wife, takes out his machete and attacks Oggue, and he manages to get out of the window and the man follows him.

Oggue was running with all his might without even seeing the way he was going and suddenly he fell into a hole.

The man continues to insult Oggue and there was so much uproar that Obatalá, who was nearby, hears and goes to the place.

Faced with lies and deception, the wise Obatala punishes the guilty

Obatalá, when he arrived, asked what was happening and the man told him, very annoyed, everything that was happening.

  • And Obatalá asks him: And who told you that?
  • To which the man replies that it was Shango
  • That is a lie, said the wise Orisha, because I knew that your wife was very ill and I sent Oggue to cure her.

Obatalá then sends for Shangó, scolds him and tells him that only he was responsible for that situation, and that for that reason he should get Oggue out of the hole.

So Shangó got ready to get Oggue out of there and after taking him out Obbatalá goes to Shangó and says:

Shango, for being such a liar while the world is the world you will have to carry Oggue on top of you.

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