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The secret of Shango and Olofin We must comply with the Osha Ifá religion!


In this pataki the secret of the success of Shango, when to achieve what he wanted he performed an omiero and bañaba the Constitution and then she fed him quail.

Thus, the greatness of the Orisha who owned the Batá drums increased, who lived in a humble little house made of Palma Real boards, the house was so small that only the king of women could fit inside.

Despite his living conditions, Shango was a very lucky man and his word was of great weight in the Yoruba world, his decisions being highly respected.

Pataki from Ogbe Otura where the Supreme Olofin gave power to Shango

The Orisha of fire often paid tribute to the Palms and the ceiba tree that were nearby.añaHe went to his house, places where he also celebrated his initiation ceremonies.

When Shango sang, Olofin sent for him an emissary who brought him the blessings of the creator.

And late at night when the stars aligned, the almighty descended to earth to seal his pact with the deity of the candle.

Every time Olofin visited the earth, the religious dressed in white to purify in the presence of the Orisha the weight of all sins and osogbos.

Then Olofin instructed Shango in the art of religion, fostering in him a taste for knowledge and reading the main works of the Osha.

After carrying out the secret that united Shango with Olofin, Olofin said goodbye to the bravest of his children, but not before indicating to his emissary the care of the religious secrets that were revealed there, so that no one could ever discover where the power of Shango.

Advice from Ogbe Otura► Ifá says: know how to keep secrets

In Odun Ogbe Tura the religious is a leader by nature, since Olofin marked him with this destiny even before his arrival in this world.

Through this letter the person is obliged to keep their secrets to be able to succeed in life and thus get rid of envy and sorcery.

Through this letter Ifá speaks to the believer of the blessings that Olofin promises him, the same benefits that will come to him according to his conduct and his intentions, since the Almighty will not reward unworthy acts or disobedience.

It is necessary to comply with the Osha Ifá for the blessings to materialize.

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