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How did Kawó Silé discover that Oyá Yansa was the owner of the sparks?

Shango and Oyá

Oyá yansa was the wife of Oggun the Orisha owner of iron, is being a warrior deity accompaniedañaShe always watched her husband on the battlefield where he fought fiercely while watching his back.

This was so audacious in the military discipline that it was able to fight with all the attributes created with metal, a sacred natural element with which Oggún made his instruments of work and defense weapons.

Pataki: Oyá meet the best warrior, Shangó

One day in the middle of a campaña war, the young saint met Kawo Sile the best warrior that humanity has sighted, deity who owns the candle and the Batá drums.

The crush of passion between them was instantaneous, in the blink of an eye love had arisen between them, passing in a second from being two strangers to two soul mates.

As a result of this love affair that arose between Oyá and Shangó, the estrangement of the king of thunder with Oggún, the owner of the work, is born, a lawsuit that saw its lights through the heart of Yansa.

One day of partying and drinking, Shango was imprisoned for causing a great public uproar.

The days passed and since Shangó did not return home Oyá He took his pylon with the desire to discover through clairvoyance what was happening with his beloved.

Yansa invokes the spark to save her beloved Kawo Sile

Realizing that Kawó Silé was imprisoned Oyá He looked at the sky and began to invoke the sparks, the sky shook and began to turn gray as if a fierce storm was going to unleash at any moment.

Once the invocation was finished, a lightning broke the lock that held Shango captive, when he looked up he observed that the lightning came from the body of Yansa who was approaching the place on a strong and devastating whirlpool.

Oyá He took Shangó and took him with him to his land, a place where both were safe.

It was from that day on that the man in the guayabera discovered that the Orisha Oyá possessed the gift of summoning the spark.

This fact caused Kawó Silé to respect even more the voice and action of Yansa, whom he no longer only admired for her intelligence and military prowess, but also for her divine powers related to the transformation of energy and the domain of the air.

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