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Seven African Powers, the protection of all

7 power colors

In our religion the Seven African Powers They represent the main Orishas of the Yoruba pantheon.

The invocation of these deities is very powerful, but before doing so we must always thank our Orishas, ​​for how they act day after day in our path.

The oldest and wisest say that many are the miracles that have been contemplated, when the venerated Yoruba gods join forces.

Thus, people implore their help especially when they or their relatives are in serious trouble, often associated with fatal illnesses, a bad economic situation and even a terrible emotional breakdown.

And it is that the Seven Powers can be invoked as a single force to help believers in cases of need or urgency.

What are the Seven Powers?

They are the same representations of the Divinity, which are revered in the Yoruba Religion, such as Obatalá, Shango, Eleguá, Oggún, Orunmila, Oshún and Yemayá. 

But each of these deities has specific attributes that can alleviate and prevent negative charges in specific cases, each of which must be taken into account.

  • Obatala it is characterized by peace and harmony;
  • Shango, for power over enemies;
  • Elegua, for removing obstacles in our paths;
  • Oggun, for your protection;
  • orunmila, for wisdom;
  • Oshun, for protecting pregnant women and providing sweetness and
  • Yemaya for helping in marriage, motherhood, and family.

We can all turn to the 7 African powers to request health, money, employment, love, and success, being able to make a request to all the deities, or one in particular for each one. 

Let us bear in mind that each of the deities that make up this group is related to a specific element of nature, therefore the union of all represents an immense force related to the powers of the universe.

The invocation of these Orishas, ​​as advised by the great sages of the Yoruba religion, should not be taken lightly, although it is made clear that every devotee deserves the help of the Seven Powers of the Yoruba pantheon.

History (Pataki) of the Seven African Powers

Seven African Powers

In the Yoruba religion, the Patakíes are in charge of collecting the oral tradition of the Yoruba culture, and then spreading it so that the new generations know the Afro-Cuban history and culture.

You should go to them to learn the history of the 7 African powers.

Olodumare (God) ordered that the Earth and all the living beings that would be the ones that made it be created.abitawould laugh, and for this he had the support of Olorun, owner of the sky, and of Constitution, regarded as the highest Orisha. 

The three ordered Orula, who is the divination deity, to assign to all the Orishas the elements of nature that would rule them.

Thus, Obatalá should populate the earth, which is why he is considered the father of all the Orishas, ​​while Yemayá, Oshún and Shangó were entrusted with the task of taking care of the sea, rivers and fire, respectively.

These main Orishas were joined by Eleguá, the owner of the roads, and Oggún, the warrior god.

Thus, they formed the group of the strongest entities that make up the Yoruba Pantheon.

We must bear in mind that the Seven African Powers can help us in problems both physically and morally, as they are spiritual guides and all people can have access to these Orishas.

Symbols and colors to invoke the Seven Powers

These powerful seven deities of the Yoruba religion are characterized by a specific color, which differentiate it in various ceremonies and rituals.

Obatalá is always linked to the color white, for its purity and clarity; On the other hand, Yemayá was assigned the color blue in all its tones, due to the sea and its depths, Oshún, for its part, is represented by the color yellow, due to luxury and wealth. 

Meanwhile, the color red is related to Shangó, due to the passion and courage, a hue that it shares with Eleguá, although it can also wear black.

Oggún was assigned the green color that alternates with the black color, while Orula, can wear the green color in combination with yellow.

About these colors are they make the necklaces worn by the initiated and uninitiated in the religion for their protection and in honor of a certain Orisha.

Within the Ifa path and the Osha Rule, the imposition of necklaces or ekeles is one of the basic Yoruba initiation rituals.

It is said that when the necklaces are worn, the Orishas will go with whoever wears them and protect them.

How to invoke the Seven African Powers of the Yoruba religion?

Desperate situations cause devotees to invoke the Seven Powers and implore their grace and blessings in solving problems. The Yoruba religion has numerous rituals to invoke them.

For example, an altar to the deities should be prepared, covered by a white tablecloth. On it, a 7-colored candle is placed on a ceramic or clay plate and the corresponding offerings.

These constitute flowers, a glass of water, coconut and the elements that each Orisha likes. Then the 7-color candle is lit and with faith the prayer that all devotees know, but whose author is unknown, is made: 

Prayer to 7 African Powers for protection:

Oh, 7 Powers that are around the Holy One among the holy ones! I humbly kneel before your miraculous painting, to implore your intercession before God, loving father who protects all creation, animate and inanimate.

I ask you, in the name of the most sacred and sweet name of Jesus, that you agree to my request and give me back my peace of mind and material prosperity, moving away from my house and removing from my path the obstacles that are the cause of my ills, so they can never haunt me again.

My heart tells me that my request is fair, and if you agree to it, añaYou will say more glory to the blessed name of God, Our Lord, from whom we have received the promise to ask and it will be given to you. So be it in the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit!

Listen to me, Chango! Listen to me, Oshún! Attend to me Yemayá! Look at me with good eyes, Obatala! Don't abandon me, Oggún! Be auspicious, Orula! Intercede for me Eleggúa! Grant me what I ask of you, through the intercession of the Seven African Powers! Oh, Holy Christ of Olofín! Blessed are you forever and ever. Ashe.

"I open my doors in good faith to the 7 spirits of fortune that now come to my house so that protection, happiness, health, love, wealth and success may be in my life forever! Oh, Seven African Powers I invoke and conjure you, Seven divine Powers that are around the Saint among the saints! I call you to intercede for me and for (….) And now you fulfill my needs.

Blessed Eleguá, possessor of the keys of destiny, open my 21 paths to health, wealth, love and success, free us from all bad destiny and may happiness reach us through the 4 corners, Yemayá, mistress of the sea, cleanses my spirit, body and soul from all evil, bless me and cleanse my path.

Chango mighty warrior owner of lightning and fire destroys all obstacles and obstacles that stand in my way, Oggún supreme warrior of iron, help me to always be victorious and so that iron never touches me, Obatala king of the world may there always be peace and harmony In my life, Oshún, owner of the river, give me luck in love and a lot of money, sweeten the hearts of all my enemies so that they become my friends.

Orula, owner of the four winds, possessor of all the magical powers to influence our destiny, destroy all work of witchcraft, sorcery, high black magic and salt and that the universe is modified in my favor, Oh powerful seven African powers, grant me what I ask (… ..) in the all powerful name of God Olodumare.

Accede to my request and give me back my peace of mind, material wealth, health, love and success, moving away from my house and removing from my path all the obstacles that are the cause of my ills without ever being able to torment me again. Thank you because it is so.

Listen to me, Chango! … Listen to me, Oshún! … Attend to me Yemayá! ... Look at me with good eyes, Obatalá. Don't abandon me, Oggún! … Help me Orula! … Intercede for me, Eleggúa! Aché.

And may the blessing of God the almighty father descend on me, so be it, Amen. Aché ”.

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