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Siete Rayos works on its foundation with Palos Fuertes ≫ Get to know them

Seven stick rays

The Miraguano It is one of the herbs that Siete Rayos treasures in its religious arsenal. This herb confers protection to the home by preventing the forces of evil from penetrating inside.

5 Sticks that provide the protection of Seven Rays

Seven Rays Sticks and Herbs

Many others are the sticks that the deity has to exercise its dominions over the world or house, conferring benefits on enemies and other mortals to the same protection and its inhabitants.

El Palo Caja, wood of Seven Rays.

The Stick Box It is a noble wood, its usefulness is generally designated only to the realization of the good within the Mayombe Rule.

It has multiple medicinal properties.

This is used mainly in the realization of baths and waste due to the properties it has as an astral purifier of bad energies.

The Palo Caja is infused in order to carry out ritual cleaning at home, as this tree is capable of driving away obsessing spirits.

The Palo Cachimba is able to protect the ilé from the damage of lightning.

Seven Rays is the Mayombe power that mediates its power through the ray, the Hookah Stick It is the only tree to which this deity conferred the power to exercise dominion over this natural phenomenon in order to avoid the damages that come with an electric shock.

El Palo Caballero spiritual amulet against bad energies.

The Palo Caballero He is famous among mayomberos for having the power to perform all kinds of enchantments.

This responds to the mandate of Siete Rayos who uses it fundamentally in the execution of military actions.

It is believed that all those religious who carry a small stalk of this stick on their body will find shelter from harmful influences and their action on the human astral.

Palo Amargo and its nullifying properties of magic potions.

The Palo Amargo It is the antidote that Siete Rayos recommends when the religious has unconsciously consumed some magical concoction, a single sip of the infusion that is made with the bark of this wood is capable of completely canceling the effects of sorcery on the organism.

It also has numerous healing properties acting directly on the attenuation of symptoms related to arthritis and cough.

The Bone Breaker Stick is a sacred wood within the Mayan practices.

The Bone Breaker Stick It has great powers, among these stands out the mysterious Ashé that it naturally possesses, which the religious can use without having to invoke any consecration on his trunk.

The drainer takes away the storms by showing them a cross made of Bone Break wood. When he sees the presence of the cross, the inclement weather dissipates, automatically clearing the sky.

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