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«The Witches» Spiritualities belonging to nature

Meaning of witches

Many times when we hear the word witch, repulsive images come to our mind that can even instill terror on us, this being a form of discrimination and reaffirmation of taboos that have existed throughout the history of humanity.

The term witch was defined by various researchers as a wise woman, possessor of independent knowledge and resources.

It has the gift inherited from generation to generation of:

  • The healing energy,
  • knowledge of herbs and their utilities and
  • the present connection with nature and the universe.

Within the missions of the witches are:

  • The help of desperate souls,
  • teaching man and
  • establishing the balance between nature and human beings.

Witches are the spiritualities capable of speaking to mother earth and blessing her with fertility and abundance.

What are witches and what is its meaning?

The witches

Witches are spiritualities present in our world that belong to nature, the source from which their powers are nourished.

Today there are numerous men and women who call themselves descendants of sorcerers, although their gifts are largely lacking in the powers possessed by such spiritualities in the past.

The ancient power manifested through witches:

The connection with the nature possessed by the witches ancestrally was so strong that they were able to dominate the five elements air, fire, water and spirit when performing their invocations.

So much so that it is believed that they came to fly the skies on their brooms driven by the gravitational and ethereal force of the souls they saved.

Are witches good or bad?

It is difficult even in our times to carry out this cataloging on witches, because like human beings there are people who are called by the forces of good while others prefer to take refuge in harm as a method of power.

In this same way spirits manifest themselves, although fortunately for humanity the good manages to touch hearts, imposing itself victorious on its adversary.

The conical hat, the broom, the cat and the color black

The story represents the witches as beings of the night, a fact that is correct because it is during this period that calm comes to earth and a better connection with the spiritual world can be established.

It is the presence of the moon above the sky, the perfect occasion for the spirits to come down to earth and deliver their blessing.

Witches-related power attributes:

The black color It is the representation of the infinite, of space and, as I mentioned earlier, of the starry sky.

The Cat Association with witches he institutes his connection with the animal world and nature.

Broom represents femininity, home and the power of women while the conical hat immortalizes concentration and balance.

There are others witch-related power attributess like:

  • The metal cauldrons, containers where they made their potions,
  • the fire,
  • the red roses and
  • the lanterns made from pumpkins and turnips.

This last ritual is still performed on Halloween and is considered a great form of tribute to these spiritualities.

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