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Meaning of the shape of natural stones and their spiritual powers

Meaning of the shapes of the stones

Natural stones are elements who possess an immense energy coming from their relationship with Mother Earth.

They are filled with the most mysterious natural forces, which allow them to include within themselves, fabulous powers to purify.

Although there are numerous types of natural stones, the fact is that their shape increases their magical powers and their many spiritual properties.

Their benefits will also be related to where they come from, such as the sea, rivers, volcanoes, forests, etc.

7 Types of stones according to their shape and their meaning

The shape of the stones is extremely important when working with them and using them for certain uses, as it will indicate their energy and power.

It must be borne in mind that the shape is not always identical to what we describe, but that is normal, since the stones can change over the years and due to the action of the same nature.

  • Therefore, we must consider the form to which it resembles.

However, all natural stones have the spiritual property of absorbing negative energy and bad vibes and transforming any space into a calmer and more welcoming place.

But depending on their shape, they also have other spiritual benefits that we must know in order to use the stones in the best possible way.

Next, we describe the spiritual powers that natural stones possess according to their shape:

1. Round natural stones, feminine protectors:

Round stones They are generally created by water erosion, better known as boulders and are quite common on the shores of rivers, lakes and seas.

  • They are seen as possessing a healing and protective energy that can help us in times of great need.
  • They represent the receptive powers of the universe, of magnetism and of the Great Mother Earth, so they will connect us to our most spiritual side.

Round stones are also considered as allies and protectors of women.

They are linked to the female reproductive system and are often carried in rituals to represent women. For this reason they are ideal in spells of love and physical and spiritual healing.

2. Triangular stones, those that protect the home

Triangular stones they are quite rare and for that reason extremely powerful.

They have received an immense natural force that led them to obtain that form and therefore have an intense positive and protective energy.

The energy of the triangular stones is focused on the protection they provide and are used for this purpose.

  • A simple ritual: If we place one in the window of the home or business, it will protect our space from bad energies and will not allow negative vibes or bad desires to penetrate.

3. Square stones, attract prosperity and fortune

Square shaped stones they are closely linked to good wishes and positive vibes.

They are usually obtained in the forests, so they always symbolize the Earth, not as a Goddess, but as an element.

  • These stones inside the home, attract prosperity and abundance. 
  • They are also excellent charms to strengthen family ties, and at the same time stimulate good sense and stability.

4. Holed stones, avoid disease

The pierced stones they are obtained fundamentally in the sea, and they only obtain their powers if their holes have been created by marine animals, erosion of the wind, the water or other always natural means.

They accumulate in themselves the immense properties of the seas and the mysterious forces that harbor them.

That is why it is said that the perforated stones are exceptional protection and care stones for those who wear them.

These stones can take care of us in different ways. For example:

  • If they get on the bed they will avoid nightmares
  • Absorb disease and eliminate pain in the body or spirit
  • Improve psychic vision, intuition and hunches

5. Cross-shaped stones, to balance elements

Cross shaped stones
Photo taken from: Minerales de Mundo

La staurolite stone Known as a cross stone or fairy cross, it has a shape that resembles a Greek cross and is extremely important for white magic rituals, due to the mysticism that it contains.  

  • In themselves they are well known and linked to their mystical importance because they naturally form a cross within the stone. 

It serves to perform magic of the elements or balance the four elements within itself.

It is used for magical rituals of any kind and due to its shape, which can also resemble a four-leaf clover, it is given the gift of attracting fortune.

6. Stones in the shape of a pyramid, to release energies

Pyramid-shaped stones they are some of the most popular to take home and place in a corner. They are said to attract luck and a positive vibe in any physical space.

They have the power to release energies from base to tip and send them out into the universe.

Simple ritual: If we write our purpose on a piece of paper and place it under a stone in the shape of a pyramid, it will help us achieve our goal.

In addition, they contain a great energetic charge, especially if we take them out to the window, the balcony or the garden on a full moon night, so that they are charged with the moonlight.

Then they will help us eliminate bad vibes and negative desires.

7. Point-shaped stones, a prehistoric energy

The pointed stonesThey are generally very old and therefore gather an ancient energy.

These stones are very diverse, those with the greatest potential are those made by human hands a long time ago.

For example, the prehistoric ones found in caves or archaeological sites.

As a natural element, these stones give us strength and help to solve our problems when we carry them with us.

They are said to harbor a positive energy that can support us in complex situations if we use them as an amulet.

It is important to combine the shape and type of the stones

It is always said that, although magic often resides in the shape of the stone, we must also take into account the type of stone and what it is used for, because if we combine the properties, we will obtain better results.

  • For example, a triangular quartz It can increase protection against bad energies and, likewise, purify the rooms of the house.

So we need not only to know the meaning of the shapes of the stones but also to study the wonderful world that contains these elements and their different types to enhance the powers of each of them and use them for our well-being.

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