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Did you know that the Gemstones and their energy are related to the Orishas?

Meaning of gemstones

The Precious Stones They have been the object of worship since ancient times, ancient civilizations used them to venerate their deities.

These relics represented power and wealth, so much so that to this day they still have great value, the most exotic pieces of these stones are found as part of expensive treasures.

The energy that emanates from these minerals and crystals has been used by man in the religious faith of healing and the practice of good.

Currents such as the reikista are based on the use of quartz as a useful source to channel energies and redirect their flow in order to seek balance and harmony in spaces and in the hearts of human beings.

Spiritual meaning and properties of Gemstones

Oshún Amber Stone

Amber is a stone of great energy, is related to Oshún

Amber is a stone composed predominantly of one hundred percent natural resins.

It is charged with magnetic energy and is capable of attracting development and currents of positive energy. This gemstone is closely linked with Oshun, the deity owner of femininity.

In ancient Russia, Amber was considered a good luck charm, being attributed the virtues of promoting love and happiness.

El Azabache and its protective virtue, belongs to Eleguá

Jet stone of Eleguá

The knowledge of the virtues of Azabache comes to us at the hands of the Jewish and Arab cultures, who were the first civilizations to use it as a means of protection against the evil eye and other curses, especially related to envy.

In the Yoruba Pantheon this gemstone belongs to the Orisha patron of the Elegguá roads, who uses it to perform many of his spells.

Quartz strengthen the mind and body, like father Obatalá

Obatala Quartz Stone

Quartz are natural crystals that absorb and retain large amounts of energy, these have been used as ceremonial instruments in the performance of magical rituals.

There is a wide range of quartz of different shades, white and opaline crystals are related to Obatala African deity guardian of humility and patience.

These precious stones offer peace and strengthen memory, mental health and the functioning of the internal environment, allowing the body to regulate itself in a balanced way.

Turquoise, Lapis Lazuli and Sapphire are the home stones and the Orishas of the sea

Lapis Lazuli from Yemayá

The protective gemstones of family and home are interrelated with Olokun y Yemaya the marine deities.

Turquoise, Lapis Lazuli and Sapphire possess the virtues of family unity and harmony, fostering the values ​​of respect and mutual help among loved ones.

The Precious Stone of Oggún, the Emerald

Oggun's Emerald Stone

The Emerald is the precious stone of Oggún Yoruba god of ironThis stone possesses the virtue of the Orisha of work, which punishes with the same force that benefits those who deserve it.

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