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Do you know the meaning of the "Blue Candles" and their shades?

Meaning of blue candles

Candles convey sensations and they transfer us to states of relaxation, calming our spirit and removing fears and concerns.

Since ancient times, these lighting elements have been used in magic and sorcery rituals, always taking into account their different colors, to achieve certain purposes.

We must know that candles will always have a spiritual meaning and a purpose in every sphere of our life.

The color we choose to illuminate our personal space will transmit a certain energy, since each tone has its meaning and its effectiveness.

Love, tranquility, prosperity and health are some of the blessings that we can request with the help of the colored candles.

The blue candles What are they for?

Blue for sincerity and fidelity

Blue candles They are related to serenity at home, so whenever we illuminate our house with these elements we will be looking for empathy and happiness among the cohabitants.

In addition, blue candles encourage one's own spiritual qualities such as:

  • The sincerity,
  • faith and hope,
  • love and fidelity, so they are also excellent for life as a couple.

Likewise, these elements are ideal to calm tensions after disputes, to fix a difficult situation between two or more people and to connect with the spiritual world and eliminate any trace of bad vibes.

You know, when you go to do spiritual cleansing in the house you can activate the good energy to flow with positivity by lighting a blue candle.

Meaning of the Blue candles activating spiritual serenity!

The meaning of a blue candle also varies according to the hue it has. For example:

Sky blue connects us to our spirituality:

Sky blue candle

It has a lot to do with the emotional plane of the human being. Represents friendship, affection, sex, love.

This tone symbolizes the most sensual and sexual side and is considered a natural aphrodisiac. Also these candles are related to harmony and a high sense of aesthetics.

The celestial in a candle It brings a greater understanding of life and is excellent for rituals of protection and tranquility.

It has a great power to capture good vibrations and helps to perceive and connect with our most spiritual side.

The navy or dark blue color to ward off bad vibes:

dark blue candle

Dark blue candles they represent the deep and unattainable of the world. It symbolizes hope and the triumph of good over evil.

This tone is a representation of sadness, bad mood and bad vibes, lighting a candle in this type of situation will help to counteract these feelings.

It is considered a color with which it can generate very negative feelings in the mood, but also a tone for desperate causes and solutions.

Therefore, when we feel that the moods are discouraged, we can activate peace with a candle of this color.

The blue of light tones to relax the atmosphere:

Light blue candles

They transmit peace and serenity both to people and to the environment and candles of this tone support the search for love, fidelity, sincerity and hope.

A light blue candle it can help you stay calm and create a more appropriate and relaxed atmosphere after a fight or disagreement.

This tone encourages communication between people and helps to connect with the spiritual world. It can, in turn, create a relaxed and harmonious environment.

Learn more about the power of candles and rituals with these elements:

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