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Do you want to clear your mind? White candles purify us and bring peace

Meaning of lit white candles

Candles are very spiritual elements that always reflect the connection between the body and the soul.

But white candles are the purest and most spiritual element and therefore they always have a place in rituals for cleaning and protection.

Lighting a white candle helps us draw closer to God, the Angels, and the deities with whom we feel a special connection. They also help us meditate, pray, and express our faith.

By using white candles, we can create a protective barrier when we pray, to prevent negative energies from interfering with blessings, and instead we give way to positive energies such as hope, love, and light.

The meaning of lit white candles is associated with:

White candle meaning
  • Neatness and peace
  • The intimacy
  • Purity and love
  • Fertility and abundance
  • Humility
  • The creativity

To feel peace and get closer to the deities ...

White candles not only help us to purify spaces and meditate, but they allow us to achieve balance and have a clear vision and mind for new beginnings.

Through them we can also achieve:

  • great energy
  • enthusiasm
  • open all roads
  • prosperity
  • happiness
  • everything we want to attract from the heart.

We must know that white candles should always be used in a positive way, for oneself and for others, because due to their extreme purity, any negative ritual that is attempted with them can turn against us.

White candles are widely used in spiritual rituals, since they are considered "neutral" candles, and they can be used on any occasion.

A white candle can even substitute for another in any ritual we perform.

When should we use a lit white candle?

Meaning of the white candle

The white candles They are used mainly in rituals associated with fertility, which is one of the highest meanings of the color white.

It can also help with issues such as motherhood, family, protecting young children, and strengthening family ties.

The white color of the candles also attracts good vibes and drives away the shadow of illness and sadness.

Likewise, with these candles we enhance relationships based on sincerity, truth, honesty, innocence, hope, simplicity and purity.

Step by step let's activate with white positive energy:

  1. Let's choose a moment of calm, and clear our mind so that it is easy to make the appropriate requests and clearly.
  2. We light the white candle, it can be aromatic, because the smells also help us to activate good energy.
  3. While it is lit we can meditate, reflect a little and ask from the heart that what we want is solved or comes into our lives.
  4. Also while doing cleaning in the house, business or other space you can turn it on and this will help the good vibes flow.

Powerful rituals using candles and other spiritual elements:

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