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Spiritual meaning of the colors of Carnations: Flower of love and passion

Carnation colors meanings

The carnation is a plant whose natural habitat is the Mediterranean regions of Asia and Europe.

The carnation's scientific name is Dianthus caryophyllus and it belongs to the Caryophyllaceae family. The plant can measure between 45 to 60 centimeters and there are more than 200 different species.

The carnation flower is bright and varied in color, with multiple petals with irregular and broken edges.

Carnations have been protagonists throughout history, of historical events such as the Carnation Revolution in Portugal on April 25, 1974.

Specifically, the red carnations represented for the combatants, the symbol of the end of the Salazar dictatorship and the beginning of an era of democracy.

Due to these data, the carnation is often given a close relationship with everything positive.

Good times flowers What do carnations mean?

The spiritual meaning of the carnation is related to abundance, the arrival of something good and moments of joy.

Due to its long and significant historical tradition, it is said to symbolize the triumph of good over evil, bravery and bravery. It is also associated with eternal and delicate feelings.

Entonces What does it mean to give carnations?

A bouquet of these precious flowers always gives an impression of abundance and joy, love and appreciation towards our person.

The symbology of the carnation according to its color: Types of carnations and their meaning

Carnations have vivid and intense colors, almost always with especially positive connotations.

And since a carnation is an excellent gift, it is good that we know the meaning of these flowers according to their different shades.

  • Even carnations can have two colors in their petals, in that case they give us the virtues and spiritual energy of both colors.

Meaning of the red carnation: The passion

The red carnation is the most popular of all. It symbolizes passion and love in its purest, most innocent and naive state.

On the negative side, it can also represent excessive pride.

The white carnation possesses the spiritual meaning of Eternity

The white carnation is extremely beautiful, and like red, it also shows the essence of the innocence of love, which is why it is a highly used flower at weddings.

This beautiful white flower represents youth and eternity. It is a very spiritual flower that many people like to dedicate to deities and spirit guides.

Meaning of pink carnations: Femininity

The pink carnation is delicate in appearance, but one of the most resistant to the passage of days. For this reason it is associated with the figure of the woman, representing femininity.

It is also considered as the flower of friendship and love.

Yellow carnations have a meaning linked to Rejection

Perhaps it is the only shade of carnations whose meaning is not entirely positive.

The yellow carnation embodies the disappointments and rejections that we suffer throughout our lives.

Red and white carnations What is their meaning?

The meaning of the carnations that have both colors in their petals it is directly related to what both tones reflect in spirituality.

It is united in the same flower, the red color and the passion that it gives off, together with the delicacy of white.

Formerly, the sending of carnations that had the color red was synonymous with eroticism and passion, courage and optimism, everything that was related to the daring, even prohibited, so that, in the communication between lovers, it had an implicit meaning.

Currently, whether white carnations are given together with red carnations, such as the flower that has both tones in its petals, we can consider it a gift full of love, spirituality and appreciation.

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