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The beautiful meaning of Chrysanthemums: Flowers of happiness and joy

Chrysanthemums meaning

Chrysanthemums They are among the most common and popular flowers around the world, especially in Asian countries, due to their wonderful aroma, their peculiar shape and their intense colors.

The chrysanthemum is a plant that came to Europe in the XNUMXth century.

But its uses were already known and curious powers were awarded to it in Asian countries such as China and Japan, where they used the chrysanthemum for any celebration, specifically in the practice of Feng Shui.

What does chrysanthemum mean to Japanese and Asians?

Asians explained that these flowers are symbols that attract:

  • Laughter,
  • happiness and
  • the hope.

This plant began to be cultivated in the Chinese area more than 2 thousand years ago and the population where it could be found most was called "Ju-Xian", that is, "City of the chrysanthemum".

On the other hand, a Japanese legend tells that the first flowers that materialized on the world were those of the chrysanthemum, as they fell from the necklace of the father of the ancient gods of Japan: Izanagi.

That is why the chrysanthemum is the emblem of the Japanese imperial house.

Properties of the Chrysanthemum to improve the health of the body

The chrysanthemum is also a plant with healing properties for the body.

People say that:

  • the tea from this plant helps reduce high levels of blood pressure.
  • soaking cotton wool in infusion of chrysanthemum helps reduce eyelid swelling.
  • To soothe acne breakouts, the infusion is applied to the skin mixed with mineral water.

What is the spiritual significance of chrysanthemums?

But, above all, the chrysanthemum is a symbol of prosperity, happiness and harmony, so having some of these flowers at home augurs the obtaining and the arrival of good things.

Through these flowers we can attract into our life:

  • Optimism and luck
  • wisdom and good decision making
  • and appeal to good fortune.

When placing it in our home, business or the spaces where we want the good vibes and luck to flow, we can feel very good energy, always taking into account removing them before they wither.

Among the magical properties of chrysanthemum also:

  • It is said to be involved in the transformation of the seasons and the attraction of happiness.
  • It can be used as an amulet to attract good vibrations of happiness, harmony, peace, prosperity, health, etc.
  • Its use is subject to the night of the dead, to the day of all saints. Families remember their loved ones by placing chrysanthemum flowers on graves in order to attract positive energy from spirits and help us achieve our goals.
  • These flowers are believed to attract magical figures from legends. This is the case of fairies and pixies.

Its meaning may vary depending on the colors of the flower:

We can find its flowers in white, pink, yellow, orange and purple. Each of these colors is related to a certain feeling or desire.

E.g.The white flowers attract the truth, while the yellow ones symbolize joy and attract happiness and abundance.

  • The yellow chrysanthemum represents the Sun, generosity, closeness to the generous, the good. Through it we call to fortune and ask for abundance and prosperity.

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