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What does it mean to dream of Oshún? A prayer to ask the sweet Orisha for Light

Meaning of dreaming about Oshún

Oshún is a Yoruba Osha symbolizing the intensity of life and feelings, spirituality, human sensuality, love and femininity.

It is the Orisha of the Rivers and the clear waters, the most beautiful in the world. Yoruba Pantheon. Its name comes from Yoruba Osun.

It is the protector of pregnant women and women in labor and in nature it is symbolized by rivers. It is also related to jewelry, body adornments, and money.

It is Oshún the Orisha who directs our cumin like the fresh water that carries the current of the rivers.

  • His figure is syncretized in Catholicism with that of the Patron Saint of Cuba, the Virgen de la Caridad del Cobre, both are celebrated on September 8.

Meaning of dreaming about Oshún, the Goddess of love and rivers

It is believed that when someone perceives, feels or dreams of Oshún, it is because the goddess wishes to protect and guide him, or because there is something very important for the person to know.

And it is that there are weeks in which we sleep and we feel that we dream several times and even with some images that are repeated. Situations that sometimes take away our peace of mind, but other times give us peace of mind when we understand it.

The truth is that not being able to decipher a dream or interpret it takes away our peace, because man is curious by nature and when we do not have intuition connected to our being, it becomes difficult for us.

In the Rule of the Ocha or SanteriaWhen Oshún wants to manifest himself in our dreams, he usually tries to give us revealing visions about luck, peace at home, love in our life, but he can also come to alert us to diseases, misfortunes and enemies.

The dream with the goddess normally recurs if we fail to have the clarity of its message and we feel confused about its meaning.

  • However, the best in these cases It is going to the foot of a babalawo or santero so that Oshún speaks through the oracles and tells us clearly what he is trying to say to us. Well deciphering it when the dream is not clear, it can be complicated.

Oshún manifests in dreams to bring us a message

Usually, dreaming of Oshún, goddess of love and rivers, indicates the solution of difficulties associated with:

  • Love, family ties, union with children, romantic situations as a couple.
  • Money and financial problems, an abundance that comes as a new opportunity.
  • Fertility, a new life, new beginnings and paths.

The Meaning of dreaming about Oshún It will always be related to the love that she represents, but if we do not discover what she wants to tell us, we can pray to the goddess.

A short prayer to Oshún to ask him to give us clarity:

If we do not fully understand the meaning of our dream, we can raise the following prayer to Oshún to allow us to see more clearly.

Light a yellow, white or gold candle in his name to say this prayer, put a lot of faith in him and you will see how little by little more intuition and tranquility arrive to decipher the message.

My mother, owner of the river and the world where all the children of saints goañarse to receive its blessing from its waters to achieve happiness and joy.

Dancing woman with a five-scarf skirt, Beautiful Queen of joy and laughter, whom we respect so as not to know her anger, Olofin's messenger. Thanks a lot.

I wish to interpret your revelations in the tranquility of my dreams, Thank you.

Other ways to summon and connect with Oshún

Making offerings to Oshún to give us more clarity in our thoughts and intuition is also a way to connect with his power, for example, you can:

  • Put 5 sunflowers in the home or in the river,
  • light a yellow or white candle,
  • offer him a glass of drink like champagne,
  • take a glass of honey to his sweet waters while asking him to help him solve what worries him.

Here are some offerings for the goddess.

You can invoke the Goddess Oshún with some of these offerings:

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