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The Yoruba Roots of the Oak and their sacred importance in religion

Oak tree meaning

The Oak is a tree Jealously treasuring multiple secrets, this one stands out among many others of its kind for possessing great strength and vitality.

Its wood has been the object of spells and spells for years aimed at love, the attraction of good fortune and the protection of the home.

The Oak is considered to be the tree of triumph as it is the possessor of divine virtue. It is believed that the roots of the Oak extend through the entrancesa√Īas of the earth burying in its path the secrets of the Almighty.

Olodumare He blessed him with the gift of longevity, a privilege that has made him a participant in many events over the years for which all religious owe him respect.

Among the first Yoruba there was the ancient belief that the man who planted an Oak tree, would live full of health and strength and would be able to achieve the same happiness that would provide him with the care of the tree.

The Oak and its properties for expiration of difficulties

oak tree
Oak Tree

Each tree within the Osha has a function and a mission to fulfill.

Its magical properties are often aimed at overcoming difficulties, although it is not strange to see the presence of sticks in sorcery related to black magic.

The use of this sacred tree in the Palo Mayombe

Oak is one of the most popular timbers used in the Palo Mayombe Rule for contributing with its presence strength to the mayombero foundations.

Among its virtues stands out the benevolence of the enchantments that are performed with this wood, especially those related to one's own well-being.

The Oak in the Yoruba religion

Shango ax with wooden handle

In Yoruba the Oak is called Akógi, a term that translates as healer, it is believed that this wood has medicinal properties which are manifested in its burning, an opportune moment for the performance of astral purification rituals.

Oak is a strong wood, with high energy, it offers protection to the home from negative influences, so it is recommended to introduce objects made with this wood inside the home.

A Kawo Sile He is offered Axes made with Oak, tools that he takes with him to the battlefield. The Orisha of thunder, Shango uses the Oak in the creation of other of his distinctive items such as drums and other musical instruments.

The presence of the Oak in the home is capable of driving away the spirits that wander the earth aimlessly and that many times break into the house in order to torment its inhabitants.

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