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The Chariot, tarot card: Success is gained by leaving the comfort zone

Chariot meaning in tarot

The tarot It is a divination method based on cartomancy.

The tarot deck is made up of 78 cards, although in most cases simplified versions of it are marketed.

For several decades, society has sought in the cards the solution to many of its questions, hoping to see among its figures events of its life concerning the past and the present, but fundamentally the future, in such a way that the predictions and advice serve as guide to have a luckier destiny.

What is the Meaning of the chariot in the Tarot?

The chariot card, a deck that features a man on a chariot that is moved by a sphinx, represents:

  • Decision making in favorable life circumstances.
  • It explains the calm and the good conditions to avoid making mistakes when opting for a specific project or event.
  • It frames evolution and prosperity, goods that have been achieved with sacrifice and hard work.

He talks about driving destiny, about the virtue that man has of directing his path to where he wants.

It represents success and going through the different stages of life.

It is a card that personifies the journey, it brings with it changes and movements in the lives of human beings.

The double sphinx represents the midpoint of life

The car is a practical deck where it is determined that material goods are not everything in life and that at the end of our days, only what we were as human beings and what we came to do will remain of us.

The double sphinx represents the midpoint of life, the good and the bad mediated by the conduct we choose to have on the earth plane.

Letter in which the truth triumphs and comes out

The scepter that the man carries in his hand makes clear the power of decision and justice.

This is a card in which the truth triumphs and comes to light above all things and people.

When leaving this deck in a query The individual is advised to:

  • Try to be clear on your issues and
  • not leave important elements to the imagination of those around you.

It is a deck in which the man must supervise his work and his family because this card contains a high level of responsibility.

True success is achieved by leaving the comfort zone

The car ensures that we will only learn about life when we are able to get to know ourselves better from the inside.

It reminds the human being that true success is obtained by leaving the comfort zone and learning to take risks.

  • Discipline, determination and order are the three virtues that make the car deck an extraordinary guide for the life of the human being.

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