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Valentine "The true meaning of the day of Love and Friendship"

The true meaning of the day of love and friendship

Valentine's day It is after Christmas the most anticipated holiday throughout the year.

This day the universe receives an important spiritual charge of love, as all lovers seek in one way or another the way to convey to their loved one a sample of their feelings, in the same way families gather to celebrate this date, being this other reason to give and receive love.

Why does Valentine protect lovers? Legends and miracles

In XNUMXrd century Rome, Christianity was persecuted because any belief other than the worship of its own gods was considered paganism.

In this period, the fact that the soldiers contracted marriages was strictly prohibited because this made them weak in love and tied them to their families, so they could not undertake large campaigns.añas military successfully.

Saint Valentine was a Christian priest who, in protest against such a vile prohibition, secretly decided to start the unions of lovers.

When rumors spread about Valentine's work, he was called to testify before the emperor who held him captive and condemned him.

The soldier who held Valentín prisoner in the form of a mockery of his faith asked the priest if he could restore sight to one of his daughters who had been born blind and miraculously at the hands of Valentín, the little girl could see, this being the first recognized miracle of the holy.

Valentine's Day! the protector of lovers rejoiced in love at his death

During the period in which Valentin was held captive, his jailer entrusted him with the task of teaching his daughter Julia to read and that is how he became her mentor.

As the days went by, Valentine felt in his own flesh the joy of love at having been born between him and Julia the most beautiful feeling that humanity has ever known.

On the eve of his execution, Valentine sent a farewell note to his beloved in which he signed with the words "your Valentine", hence the popular dedication that appears today on many of the postcards sold for this holiday. .

Valentine was executed on February 14. Years later, due to this fact and in homage to his figure, February 14 was established as Valentine's Day.

February 14 is a date to love and forgive.

Valentine's day Not only does it bring joy and love to human beings, it also brings economic development as this day shops are packed with people who seek to express their feelings through flowers, chocolates, stuffed animals and much more.

This is a day to forgive and let go of our lives everything that did us wrong at a certain moment, thus giving way to the arrival of great opportunities.

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