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The Fool, Tarot deck that represents the arrival of new purposes

Meaning of the fool in the tarot

Through the tarot decks, relevant facts of the past, present and future of the person who comes before them to reveal the questions of his life are revealed.

Coincidentally, those consulted want to know three aspects, especially:

  • Love,
  • the money and
  • death

Constant and inaccurate questions that keep more than one person awake at night.

In their eagerness to make their destiny more pleasant, human beings make use of these esoteric resources that seem to be as accurate at times as the need for light and solar heat for life.

What is the meaning of the Fool in the Tarot?

The Fool is one of the most controversial tarot cards that exists, it represents:

  • Decision making without prior thought.

It is the major arcane that marks the carefree and bohemian life free of responsibilities..

When this card appears in a consultation, the person must be on the lookout because new opportunities will knock on their door and if they are not able to take them on time, they will vanish before their eyes.

The madman represents the arrival of new purposes

This deck speaks about optimism and the ability to create.

The card of the madman represents the arrival of new resolutions putting an end to previous life plans and projects, sometimes personifying the sacrifices that prosperity and the passage of time bring with them.

This letter reveals to the consulted:

  • That there are aspects of your life that need to be changed,
  • exhorts the person not to cling to what hurts him and
  • to let the heart choose what makes it happiest.

This deck reveals that the person has had to go through bitter pills


  • It invites to assume the changes that destiny brings with a positive attitude,
  • It suggests leaving uncertainty and fear aside in order to look to the future with a better perspective.

This card reveals that the person has had to go through bitter times in life and that many times they have been alone in difficult situations, these obstacles being the impulse with which their character has been forged.

You must fight for what you want without giving up.

The Fool invites the person to find new ways of proceeding to achieve their goals.

It is a card that requires the respondent to fight for what they want without giving up, it is an opportunity to let go of the past and seek a better future.

Uranus is the planet that rules this deck, in a query to determine the answer to a question in the negative or affirmative, the answer is yes.

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