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What is the spiritual meaning of Butterflies? Symbols of the Soul

Spiritual meaning of butterflies

The various shades of a butterfly's wings They are always a source of joy for people, which is why these colorful insects are associated with happiness and hope.

However, we must know that butterflies have a broad spiritual meaning related to the human soul, its evolution and spiritual life.

The appearance of a butterfly in our path could have a deep spiritual meaning.

Butterflies represent the resistance of the soul and faith

Butterflies are synonymous with transformation for many cultures.

In addition, they symbolize resistance, adaptation to change, hope, all seeking to relate the change from a caterpillar to a beautiful insect, with the journey of the soul when the physical body dies and becomes a divine body.

Thus, they identify with the impermanence and instability of earthly life.

In fact, for devotees of the Christian religion, this animal is:

  • a symbol of resurrection
  • a message sent from the spirit world
  • your visit could indicate that an angel is trying to communicate with us

Many times they are represented coming out of the mouths of the dying and the dead, as a symbol of the soul that escapes and is transformed.

They are a symbol of spiritual growth and personal improvement

Because, in their life, the butterfly is enclosed in a cocoon from which it emerges as something new and better, they are also considered as the representation of a journey of spiritual growth and personal improvement of each one.

The achievement of the goals that we set ourselves, the daily learning and our improvement as a human being, implies a transformation and the abandonment of the cocoon of comfort.

By its spiritual power the butterfly represents:

  • the possibility of man to be reborn
  • the abandonment of earthly limitations
  • psychic transformation
  • immortality
  • rebirth
  • potentialities of being

But also the fact that they are reborn as something beautiful and extremely fragile, determines inconstancy and the ephemerality of joy and beauty.

Meaning of the colors of butterflies

Butterflies also embody a spiritual meaning related to their color. Therefore, if a butterfly enters our house, we must consider its tonality in order to know what message it brings.

  • Blanco: they announce positive news. They symbolize innocence, peace, childhood, divinity, stability.
  • Black: Negative omen. They announce stumbling blocks and obstacles in our way.
  • Violeta: Balance, harmony and stability in the home.
  • Verde: New loves or loves in recovery will appear. They signal reconciliations and rapprochements.
  • Yellow: Success and prosperity, an approach to open roads and new opportunities.
  • RED: Joy and passion. But depending on the context, they can announce conflicts and danger.
  • Brown: they announce enemies so we must be alert to possible envy around us.
  • Turquoise or blue: Abundance and material prosperity. They are considered good luck charms.

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