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Eclipses, astrological and esoteric phenomena: Their spiritual meaning

Spiritual meaning of eclipses

Eclipses are astrological phenomena characterized by occurring when the light of a celestial body is eclipsed by another.

There are also different types of eclipses, the most famous of which are solar and lunar eclipses.

Tied to these processes, various magical-religious myths have been traced where the tribes relevant to the emergence of the first civilizations worshiped eclipses as a direct incarnation of their gods and to honor them, they paid tribute to them:

  • Human and animal lives,
  • fruits,
  • works of art sculpted in minerals,
  • liquors and flowers among other items.

Spiritually the eclipses define from anonymity many intrinsic aspects of our behavior, since with their energy they indistinctly favor creative aspects, promote thoughts, attract luck and reduce negative energy.

What spiritual benefits does the Solar Eclipse bring?

Spiritual meaning of solar eclipses

When the moon completely covers the Sun, the energetic currents derived from the Sun are partially canceled, which correspond to intense physical activity, fury, impetus and warlike character.

The secrets of the Lunar Eclipse

When the lunar light is blocked by the shadow that the earth exerts in the path of the sun towards the moon, the total lunar eclipse occurs.

At this moment the virtues from the Sun radiate the earth, such as:

  • The passion,
  • the competitive spirit,
  • delivery for what is done and
  • dissatisfaction with mediocre events.

Partial Eclipses: esoteric phenomena that give great benefits

Partial eclipses are the ones that benefit the human being to a greater degree, since in these the celestial body is not covered in its entirety, allowing that condition to interact in a balanced way both energies, providing its receptors with better benefits.

Decision-making power:

When these occur, the man has the advantage of being able to work on himself, dedicating more time than usual for work or family issues.

Emotions prevail, a phenomenon that makes human beings vulnerable, since it inclines them to make decisions with the heart and not with the mind.

Strengthen communication:

Partial eclipses raise the degree of loquacity in those around us, showing them more communicative about their doubts and concerns and the recipients of those messages more understanding and tolerant of change and the emergence of new projects.

Greater connection with spirituality:

Through the events of the eclipses, the religious is able to connect more with his ancestors and protective spiritualities, thus achieving strengthen his astral and purify all the disturbances that make him lose his luck from his path.

  • NEXT ECLIPSE: The 10 of June of 2021 there will be an annular solar eclipse visible mainly at the North Pole. The solar eclipse occurs when the Moon passes between the Earth and the Sun, in this way it ends up totally or partially obscuring the image of the Sun and is what we can witness as spectators from the Earth.

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