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What is the meaning of the Owl in the Spirit World? Power animal

Owl spiritual meaning

The owl is a bird that has been present in numerous legends throughout the history of mankind.

The ancient Greeks believed that it was the animal that accompaniedañaIt was the goddess of wisdom, Athena, and as such, symbolized intelligence.

The owl is also a mysterious bird that, due to its characteristics such as night hunting and the particular sound it emits, has been considered evil.

The truth is that it really has a very amazing spiritual significance.

Owls got a bad name in the Middle Ages, when the fierce persecution against everything pagan included it as a symbol of witches.

In fact, these birds were considered to be witches in disguise and were associated with death.

  • The fact is that owls, to the amazement and apprehension of many, can move their heads up to 270 degrees, have exceptional vision that allows them to fly in the middle of the night, and always keep their eyes wide open.

Spiritual meaning of the Owl: symbol of mysticism and ancestral knowledge

The different cultures of the world have given owls very different meanings:

The most generalized of all, is that this bird symbolizes the moon and mysticism and represents wisdom and ancestral knowledge.

  • In Aztec culture, the spiritual meaning of the owl is "the god of hell", and for this reason it was said that its sound heralded death and destruction.

Mictlantecuhtli, the Aztec god of death, was usually depicted in the company of owls.

  • Celts they thought that the owls were in charge of accompanyingañaguide the souls on their journey to the Beyond.

It was said to guide souls to find the door to other dimensions and realities.

  • En American continent currently the spiritual meaning of the owl is preserved as a figure of wisdom and sacred knowledge.

For this reason, in the educational field, the figure of these birds is used a lot to call for reflection and study.

In the animal world, both the owl and the owl have similar spiritual meanings, they are united by wisdom, knowledge and intuition.

  • In Yoruba religion, it is the owl that is related to the African Goddess of Love Oshún, specifically fulfills the role of messenger of the path of Oshún Ololodi and is her favorite food, and although the owl is often confused with the owl, they are different species but from the same family.

The owl as an animal of power Why do you consider yourself a guide in the dark?

It is said that the owl chooses to guide people who need to see further, those who like to analyze, read between the lines, decipher the truth. The most intuitive have the owl as the guide animal of their life.

Those chosen by the owls, are able to see through the wall of the physical, develop their intuition and vision towards other astrals.

If those people decide to pay attention, they will discover great secrets and truths. They contemplate reality from different perspectives and give it new meanings that the rest of the world does not perceive.

The amulets or figures of owls in the home or business they are powerful and providers of luck and fortune and it is considered that with them in the house we receive protection.

Meet some powerful elements of protection:

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