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The Cactus≫ Mystical Plants Do you know their powers and spiritual meaning?

Spiritual meaning of the cactus

The Cactus represents strength, as its appearance often reflects a robust plant.

When we think of this species we unconsciously know that we should not touch it and our subconscious triggers a protective alarm in our favor.

This plant has developed with the evolutionary cycle the presence of flowers and fruits, therefore, when we talk about cacti we should not only think about their spines, which have helped them to survive from the attack of many predators over time. .

The influence of the cactus as a mystical plant has been spreading from the tropics and desert areas throughout the world, being valid to recognize that these ancestors were the first to see the magical virtues that these plants possessed.

One of the characteristics that make cacti take possession as special plants is their ability to survive without using water, it is also worth noting the high resistance that most of them have to the sun, a powerful star from which they absorb and radiate energy and vitality, a phenomenon that makes them vigorous species.

The energy power of cacti

Cactus esoteric meaning

All plants have a special power that is related to their vital energy and the cactus is not exempt from this.

The Cactus They are plants capable of absorbing negative energy that bursts into homes, it is believed that in the dwelling where the cacti are grown, the energy will not stagnate and it will flow in harmony with the spiritualities of the people present.

Many people place cacti at the entrance of their homes in order for them to absorb the energies that could disturb the peace and rest of their inhabitants.

In the same way that these plants catch bad vibes, they can be charged with positivism, so it is recommended to speak to them with love, put music on them and pamper them, because once they have absorbed this positive energy, they will be a rechargeable battery for the home, very useful in homes. days when spirits are not very high.

Cacti and their relationship with the esoteric world.

Throughout the history of humanity, wizards, witches or shamans have used natural sources to establish communication with the afterlife, infusions, smoking and inhalation of certain plants made possible the realization of that trance where they claim to have connected astrally with other dimensions.

The Cactus They have a close relationship with this link between the terrestrial and astral plane, many of their species have powerful hallucinogenic effects which are recorded since pre-Columbian times, when thanks to their consumption the invocation of the guide spirits and ancestors was carried out.

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