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What is the spiritual meaning of headache? Energy affecting

Spiritual meaning of headache

Headache or headache, is one of the most common ills that affects the population of any age.

It is usually a mild pain that can become sharp in areas such as the forehead, eyelids, neck and other areas of the head.

The symptom of a headache can be the indicator of a discomfort that affects the body and we usually seek to alleviate it with an analgesic.

However, if we rule out that a pathology is affecting our body and we are clear that we comply with the usual hygienic recommendations such as sleeping and eating well, then:

  • We must inquire within ourselves to find out if the cause of this evil could be linked to thoughts and feelings that we do NOT face.

Are the fillustrations and emotions that cause pain?

The headache often appears due to an upset or something that produces great frustration, and yes, it could be said that it is our thoughts and feelings that are reflected through pain.

Unconscious psychic conflicts unleash a negative energy that fundamentally affects the areas of our head.

It usually manifests as pressure, or also as a stabbing pain in some region of the skull.

The headache, according to many scholars of the spiritual subject, indicates that we do not accept ourselves as we are, that we underestimate ourselves and do not perceive our strengths.

Permanent self-criticism can create a frequent and very annoying health problem.

But also sometimes, the headache is a symptom of stress release, when we have resolved a situation that worried us.

The spiritual meaning of headache can also be divided by regions:

  • At the top, in the form of pressure or stabbing pain, means that we constantly criticize ourselves.
  • When the pain is inflammatory in nature, means liberation from an emotional conflict for which we suffered
  • Pain in the temples, or forehead, usually indicates that we think too much and do not take time to process the information.

What to do to relieve ourselves?

We must learn to value ourselves and accept our strengths and weaknesses in order to live happily. Only then will we relieve that constant headache that affects us.

It is important to meditate, do introspection, know ourselves, little by little we will detect those situations that cause us stress and anxiety and we will be able to solve our perception in front of them to heal ourselves.

The healthiest thing in these situations that disturb us and give headaches is to move away, or if it is possible and it is not out of our control zone, to solve it.

Let go of grudges, revenge, negative feelings, let go of everything that weighs on you so it doesn't hurt.

  • When we have some pain, anger or sadness to release, we must find a quiet place and alone, where we can cry or express ourselves freely, and let the pain out so that it does not accumulate in our head.

If you feel negative vibes or are energetically tired, try these rituals:

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