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The Spiritual Meaning of Back Pain Do you feel the weight of fear?

Spiritual meaning of back pain
  • Please keep in mind that the most important thing is that you visit your doctor, this article focuses on the emotional and spiritual meaning of pain.

Many times and at any age, we can feel severe pain in different areas of the back.

We usually attribute these ailments to poorly lifted weights, complicated positions, or just a bad night's sleep.

But we must also take into account the emotional and spiritual significance of back pain.

We must know that the back is divided into different areas:

  1. Cervical: It is the highest part, it is born below the skull and extends through the neck to the base of the back.
  2. Dorsal: Mid back.
  3. Lumbar: Lower or lower back.
  4. Sacrum and coccyx: the lowest part of the spine, commonly called the "rump."

And since each discomfort has its emotional response, a fundamental part of treating back pain is understanding the influence of our emotions in that area of ​​the human body.

In fact, many people say that the emotional burdens we carry are felt on our back.

What are the meanings of back pain according to the area?

Fear, worries and insecurities are like a backpack that we carry on our back that can affect it and cause pain.

1. Meaning of pain in the Cervical or upper back: Concerns and negativity

The upper part of the back is one of the most affected usually by all kinds of pain that have to do with the bad positions we adopt to carry out daily tasks.

But that part of the back also corresponds to the region of the heart and the heart's energy center.

For this reason, pain can represent the basic needs and the most fundamental structure of being.

They can also be seen accompaniedañatwo for discomforts that affect the head.

Neck pain is related to:

  • The lack of maternal love, and with the needs of affection.
  • Worry, fear, despair in the face of life, negativity, difficulty in expressing emotions.
  • The tendency to isolation and problems communicating with other people, showing insecurity and fear.

Let us know that the 7 cervical vertebrae refer to communication and the degree of openness to life, since they are the ones that keep our head in balance.

2. Emotional meaning of the dorsal area or middle back: Guilt and unsatisfied desires

The dorsal area is the central area of ​​our spine, just the area below the shoulders.

Of course, it is one of the parts most affected by bad positions, by carrying too large weights, by hernias and by many other spinal problems.

This is also the area that tends to lean forward, because of the sensation of carrying a great weight on the back.

How are emotions reflected in this part of the back?

  • Here the responsibility for the happiness of someone or several people accumulates, in certain situations of our life.
  • Our back tells us that we are forcing ourselves to take charge of the emotional well-being of other people.
  • The pain in this area is related to the limits we set when we face situations in which we reach the end of our mental, physical or emotional forces.
  • When we stifle our emotions, we can feel discomfort and pain in the heart and the organs that are linked to them, as well as the lungs.

The central part of the back is the one that carries what is known as “the weight on the back”, produced by the heaviness that carrying our emotions can cause.

And it is that this part, as we explained, is a region of emotional and affective guilt.

Back pain or back pain is also related to:

Temptations and unfulfilled desires and a feeling of loss of control can also cause backaches, accompanyingañatwo of various ailments that in turn affect the liver and blood circulation.

Living in a very strict environment in which values ​​and lines of conduct had to be followed to the letter, can mean that even years later and living freely, some regions of the dorsal area of ​​the back still hurt, due to the contained emotions.

3. Pain in the lower back or lumbar area: Material and emotional insecurities

Pain in the lumbar area is frequently confused with a problem in the kidneys, since this area is located between the waist and the coccyx.

It is usually affected by poor sitting and sleeping positions.

Emotionally, this area harbors the presence of material insecurities, that is, those linked to obtaining a better job and economic prosperity.

The spiritual meaning of lower back pain relates to:

  • Affective insecurities referred to the pressure that we sometimes put on ourselves so that others accept and love us.
  • This area is affected by the feeling of helplessness in the face of someone or something that we cannot change.
  • Loneliness and bitterness usually caused by shyness and lack of communication can cause severe pain.

When difficult family situations are experienced, we can feel repeated pain on the genital organs or in the knees.

Likewise, we will be bothered by jealousy, annoyance and frustrations, which can cause pain in the legs.

4. Pains reflected in the sacrum and coccyx area, know its meaning:

This is perhaps the part that causes the most pain in most people, both due to the presence of their own diseases associated with that part of the spine, as well as due to contained emotions.

In this area it is reflected:

  • Any imbalance of our energy center, which can cause serious ailments such as cystitis, stones, incontinence, diarrhea, constipation, colitis, etc.
  • In the coccyx, an imbalance of the energy center can lead to physical disorders, such as urinary disorders, incontinence, significant weight loss or intake, and poor blood circulation.

How can we get rid of back pain?

  • As we mentioned at the beginning of the article, the most important thing is that you visit your doctor, because here we focus on other alternatives and on the emotional and spiritual part of our being.

There are traditional and natural medicine treatments such as acupuncture, designed to treat emotional blockages so that energy flows and contained emotions escape from our body.

Many people also go to relaxing and decontracting massages to relieve pain in different areas of the back and at the same time, eliminate emotional blocks.

Emotionally to free ourselves from back pain:

  • We must understand that we need to put guilt aside, because other people have chosen their own challenges and must solve them themselves.
  • If we empty our load of responsibilities a little, it will bring us a lot of joy and liberation and we will let others live their experiences, trusting that they are capable of controlling their own lives.
  • We must allow our emotions to flow with other people, as we are social beings.
  • And above all, understand and accept that each one expresses love in their own way, so we should not feel alone or excluded because we act differently from the rest.

Let us always express our emotions and needs, to feel good about ourselves and live happy and healthy.

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