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What attracts rosemary? For the bad to come out and the good to come in!

Rosemary spiritual meaning

The popular gossip says:

"Holy rosemary, holy rosemary, let the bad come out and enter the good."

This phrase and prayer at the same time is so popular that it has even been referred to in the lyrics of a song, mentioning this plant of ancient powers, which has countless virtues for human benefit, both physically and spiritually.

Legend has it that the virgin mary In her desperate flight with the baby Jesus, she wore a blue cape that was hooked to a bush, but it quickly let go and grew to cover her flight.

Since then, this plant has flourished with fragrant blue flowers of the same color as Maria's coat. That bush was rosemary and according to many believers, it is a blessed plant.

Rosemary is a very popular plant especially for its spiritual powers, which can be found in many parts of the world.

We can see it decorating houses and gardens, but we must know that in addition to scenting and decorating, it is a spiritual element associated with white magic and rituals to banish negative energy.

Rosemary has immense medicinal properties.

For our body, this plant provides countless benefits:

  • Rosemary leaves They are used as a condiment in many dishes, as it has diuretic effects that help the digestion of fatty foods.
  • Herbal teas (drink that is obtained by boiling herbs in water) of rosemary are very beneficial to relieve conditions of the respiratory system such as coughs, colds and nasal congestion. They also improve digestion and facilitate liver function.
  • Hot baths with rosemary leaves they relieve rheumatic pain and its essential oil is used in the treatment of muscle pain, as well as making excellent perfumes and air fresheners.
  • The essence of rosemary helps relieve stress and pressure, and balances polar opposites

What is the spiritual significance of Rosemary? A plant that attracts blessings

If we have a rosemary plant at home, it will protect us

It is known that, since ancient times, rosemary has been used to attract good things to our home and to dispose of bad energy stagnant in the corners.

Among its magical virtuesIt is said to be the herb dedicated to remembrance, memory, friendship and fidelity.

  • It is recommended to have a rosemary plant at home or to place some twigs in cloth bags and place them in different rooms, in order to purify and strengthen loving and fraternal ties.
  • These twigs or the same plant planted will make a protection shield to protect the home or business from those bad influences that want to enter.
  • Rosemary can be used in practically any ritual designed to attract good things into our lives and to eliminate bad influences.

In what type of spells is the sacred rosemary used?

  • Rituals of love, family relationships and emotional ties
  • Protection, against enemies, envy and all kinds of negativity
  • For health and warding off the diseases that haunt us
  • Strengthen marriage and marital fidelity
  • For good luck and good vibes to flow

5 simple and powerful rituals with rosemary:

In addition, due to the great spiritual significance of rosemary, it has multiple ritual uses that we can put into practice to make our home or other spaces a purer and happier place.

1. If we put it under the bed:

It helps us to have peaceful dreams and to avoid nightmares, bad wishes and any negative entity that takes refuge at night. We can put your twigs in a cloth bag.

2. If we have an ornamental rosemary plant:

It will enhance our good luck. We can place it for example in the living room, or entrance to the home, so that it protects the entire space from the negative energies that wish to enter.

3. Dried branches of rosemary in cloth bags

They protect home and call for true love. We can even carry it as an amulet in our purse or pocket.

4. Añagiven to the spiritual baths:

Rosemary purifies the soul and body, undoes the evil eye and curses and strengthens our emotional ties.

It will do our body a lot of good, purifying and cleaning darkness.

5. In purifying cleaning of the home, business, or objects:

Rosemary improves the flow of positive energy in our spaces.

  • When we go to clean we only have to put the rosemary leaves in the water and let them rest for a while, then with a clean cloth we pass the water over the surfaces, objects and then the floor.
  • It is always preferable when doing these cleanings that the house is clean of dirt, and then we proceed to clean with the prepared water.

This is how good luck comes to us, and rosemary, take out the bad and come in the good.

Some powerful cleansing and rituals with rosemary and other elements:

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