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What you should know about Baba Ejiogbe: Advice of this Ifá sign

Baba Ejiogbe sign

Baba Ejiogbe It is an odun that reveals the divinatory virtues of Ifá.

It is a sign where the religious must be cautious because the enemy is shown with a double face, being friendly in his eyes and poisonous behind his back.

The Ifá priest who is governed by this sign is considered the favorite son of ConstitutionAs long as you follow Olofin's advice to the letter, you will be rewarded with I will.

Under this letter the man and the woman must take care the sternum and the spine.

  • The first because it behaves as a union of the ribs, bony structures that form the thoracic cage and
  • the second for constituting the axis of the human body that keeps it in balance.

Therefore, it is essential to maintain its integrity.

Baba Ejiogbe reflects through the above, the importance of stability in the life of the religious who is governed by this odun.

Ejiogbe is the guardian of the human body, of the normal course of life and of the union.

This sign is represented by:

  • The door,
  • the way,
  • the passage and
  • the continuous questions and answers that arise in the course of life.


The day of the week where Ejiogbe has the greatest fortune is Sunday, the date on which it is recommended that he attend to the Orishas because they are more receptive to his requests.

Colors of this Ifá Sign

  • The colors that favor it are orange and white.

Colors that are related to sunrise and sunset, moments in which Olofin creates a landscape above the sky to delight human eyes.

Other tips that must be respected: schedules, vices, clothing ...

In this letter the vulture descends on the corpses, marking the attack of opportunistic enemies, who are waiting for the slightest failure to take advantage and ascend.

  • The religious who governs his life under this sign must always respect the passage from the most holy to twelve noon.

You are advised to stay home after six in the afternoon and not indulge in bad habits related to smoking and alcoholism.

  • It is recommended not to wear patterned or striped clothes, as these garments will bring you bad luck.

This odun talks about justice problems and scams.

Cardiovascular damage arises in Ejiogbe, which is fundamentally related to a deficit in the functioning of the mitral valve.

Other religious councils of the Osha-Ifá Rule

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