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Ifá says that in Ika Bemi evil disguises itself as good: Advice from the Sign

Ika Bemi sign

Ifá where business triumphs and one is virtuous to raise money.

You are destined to inherit family assets, a blessing that can be tainted by the envy and discord of those around you who have blood ties to you.

In Ika Bemi, evil disguises itself as good

In this sign of Ifá, evil is disguised as good, so you must be careful of those false friends who, hidden in good intentions, wish to trip you up on the road, so that you can taste the taste of defeat.

These people will tirelessly try to change your astral, dirtying it with curses and defamations, because they are envious of you and resent your achievements.

Ika Bemi is a lyrics of mirages

The religious must always remain alert when orunmila mark this sign, as it is a letter of mirages where things are not always what they seem and the person is prone to disappointment.

In Iká Bemi, what seems good can have a background of evil, so Ifá advises you to keep your guard up and not get carried away by appearances.

The jicotea wanted to fly and was left without a carapace

Ika Bemi is governed by Saint Lazarus and Odúa, saints who protect the religious by guiding their steps.

This letter marks marital unhappiness, so it is necessary not to neglect the couple so as not to live said osogbo.

You should not wish to obtain more than your abilities allow, lest you become like the jicotea, who, because he wanted to learn to fly, lost his carapace and was eaten by the eagle.

To prosper in Ika Bemi you have to drum Yemayá

In this odun to prosper a drum must be offered to Yemaya, so that the holy mistress of the ocean clears the way and covers it with her mantle.

The Orisha mother of the world is a very great bulwark in your life, so you must keep her cared for.

  • Put black princes and two white candles on it when you want to get good firmly.

The sacred herbs of Ika Bemi

The sacred herbs of Ika Bemi are gravel, variety and forget me not.

Plants with which the religious will get rid of many mishaps.

You can use them in:

  • The realization of glossy baths,
  • to clean the house and
  • as I eat to bless amulets.

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