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Ika Irete sign: Tips, Curiosities and Warnings to the religious

Ika Irete sign

Ifá where the weight of consciousness accompanies itañawill go to the grave.

Do good deeds and stay away from those that could make you make a mistake so that over the years you will not regret what could be and was not.

Give your loved ones everything in life so that when they leave for another better world you will be free from regrets and know that they left pleased with you as a father, son, brother and friend. 

Do you know the secret herbs of the Ika Irete sign?

These are the herbs that save Ika Irete:

  • The Sea Linen,
  • the Uva Caleta,
  • the Acacia and
  • the Gummy Grape.

With these plants blessed by Osain of the mount omieros are prepared for cleaning and polishing baths, rituals that seek to achieve development, iré and health. 

Ika Irete is a letter where great responsibilities are carried

Ika Irete is a sign that speaks of carrying great responsibilities on the shoulders, but always doing it from the sanity and the real possibilities that one has to handle the load, because exceeding those limits will damage health.

Do not blame yourself that does not correspond to you, because the real person involved will go unpunished and you will come out very badly.

Don't live near your enemies because this will slow you down

In this odun, the person is recommended to move from where they live, especially if they are starring in a war that they will lose, because their enemies to beat are powerful and have every chance of winning.

Living close to your opponents will slow you down, move away so you can find the I will go elsewhere.

Show compassion to evolve in life

Pay the debts you have with Eleggua y Oshun so your plans are not delayed.

Be kind to the underprivileged and feed the people who by chance of fate suffer hardships and approach the door of your home.

Remember that sharing also brings blessings and satisfaction.

Ifá Tips for Ika Irete

  • Ika Irete marks complications during pregnancy and childbirth, so special care must be paid to pregnant women in the family.
  • Do not loan money or pawn your valuables, as you will never be able to get them back.
  • Be careful not to bewitched by eating food.
  • Always be wary of hypocritical actions and do not allow distorted versions of events to creep into your thinking. 

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