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Rituals and advice from Ika Ogunda: Work at the foot of Eggún will save you

Ika Ogunda sign

The power of the spirits on earth is born in the Ika Ogunda sign.

Sign where Eggun (spirits) has a very great influence on the person, keep the spiritual vault of your house clean and cared for, in the same way that an assistance should be placed at the foot of the Eggun tile.

Count on their spirits before carrying out any religious work so that in their approval you find the blessing of your ancestors and protectors.

In this letter you are asked:

  • The blessing to the stars and the heavenly bodies and incense is placed on the Chinese and Arab spirits, who will be in charge of ensuring that evolution reaches their ilé (home).

When the religious goes through difficult situations, he must go to the foot of Orula to find out if the solution to part of his problems lies in feeding his shadow.

Ika Ogunda is a sign where the person is protected by Obatalá: Rituals

It is in the odun Ika Ogunda where the person is protected under the mantle of the Orisha Obatala, so it is recommended:

  • Keep your house clean and tidy,
  • clean with cascarilla,
  • put white flowers and basil inside your ilé and
  • dress as light as possible.

Also can:

  • Perform lustral baths with cotton and almond, Baba herbs.
  • The buttercup, the bell and the paradise are herbs that can be used in the same way to overcome obstacles.

Ozain made the trails and the streets in Ika Ogunda

This odun marks Shango's feeding a turtle so that health and money are never lacking and the person can provide honest sustenance to his home.

Ozain made the trails and the streets in Ika Ogunda, an event that marks prosperity on earth.

This letter talks about:

  • Evolutions, it is necessary for the religious to use intelligence and be able to use the same shortcuts that Ozain created for his benefit.
  • You must learn to live a little more cunningly.

The complete fate of Ika Ogunda lies in performing a head prayer

You cannot be a leader, learn to wait for the right moment to act and do not buy other people's wars, because when you need support, no one will come to your defense.

Ika Ogunda's luck lies in performing a head prayer with Mongoose.

4 powerful advice of the sign for the religious:

  1. Don't promise what you know you can't keep so you don't embarrass yourself.
  2. Wear black only when at war.
  3. Be faithful to the one who has reached out to you.
  4. In this Ifa making ebbo at the foot of Orula, what is lost is recovered.

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