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What does the Irete Ofun sign mark? Ifá says that caprice will be his downfall

sign Irete Ofun

Irete Ofun is a sign that warns the religious on dishonest impositions and procedures.

In this case, a person from your family will enter into a dispute with you over your home, coming to believe that you have a right to it.

Elegguá will be the Orisha who will take sides in his defense, offer him so that he can evolve:

  • Smoked fish,
  • corn and
  • jutia. 

Work to attract development in the Irete Ofun sign

  1. Place a cowbell behind the door of your house, to call the go whenever it makes its sound.
  2. So that your plans are consolidated and good fortune reaches your hands, do ebbó at the foot of Orula and you will see how your luck will begin to improve.

Don't make promises that you know you won't be able to keep because your reputation will pay for your actions in the long run.

Ifá says that caprice will be his downfall

In this odun, Ifá says that caprice will be his downfall, do not cling to anything and always look for other ways to achieve his purposes.

When a door is closed, use your intelligence so that you can reach your hands what you want so much, but taking other routes.

As long as this does not incur legal problems or threaten your life.

Meet your Eggunes and Orishas, ​​be a good religious

Always comply with your Eggunes and Orishas and they will comply with you.

Follow the advice offered by the saints and your path will become more and more relaxed.

In the sign Irete Ofun respect the pigeons, do not eat this meat and do not threaten the life of this animal.

  • You should wear a nine-bell anklet on your left foot to attract unfoldment and the ground plane seat into your life.

Be careful with fire, you could take great losses from it

The man governed under this sign will have a successful path as a percussionist of the Batá drums.

I didn't take aled cornersañaHe uses his house as a meeting place with his friends so that the misfortune that dwells there does not come into his life.

Be careful with fire, as this letter warns of the occurrence of an accident as a result of the candle where you could get hurt and lose the house.

In all religious consecration that you carry out, you must cover your head

  • Avoid getting wet with rainwater, as this phenomenon will bring you the disease.
  • Pay the debts that you could have with Aggayú Solá and Yemayá.
  • Have all your assets and businesses under rule so that you do not suffer from legal problems.
  • In all religious consecration that you carry out, you must cover your head, to honor the sacred rule of Osha-Ifá and to take care of your health.

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