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In Irete Ojuani, Time and Health are man's greatest blessing

Irete Ojuani sign

Irete Ojuani is an Ifá sign where the religious must live alert because the osogbos will stalk him with the intention of harming him.

You cannot give your trust to just anyone, because not everyone around you will be worthy of such a privilege.

Every day when you get up ask for the blessing of your Orishas and your mother and give thanks for one more day of life.

Enjoy every moment of your existence, because time and health are the greatest assets that a human being can possess, because once they have expired there is no way to recover them.

In this Ifá the gardens and the love of man towards nature were born

Here in this Ifá sign the gardens and the love of man towards nature were born.

This is the gardener's odun, a letter where the person to have something must be constant in the fight for his goal.

Orula advises you:

  • Be like the gardener and take care of your family and work like the laborer tends to the garden,
  • watering the land with love and perseverance until he sees the fruit of his work
  • and after he has it, he must continue taking care of it so that it does not die.

It is in the sign Irete Ojuani where you will have ease in your hands for the cultivation of plants, have your garden clean and cared for so that luck will never run out.

In the Irete Ojuani sign the flowers have Ashé

The flowers have Ashé says Irete Ojuani that is why keep your house with flowers, so that throughout this evolution I will always accompany you.

With this action you will ensure that spirituality develops under your roof and peace reigns within your home.

For the religious to achieve development he must work with the Orisha Elegguá and Oshún, deities that in his life are a bulwark.

The woodpecker betrayed through its chirping where the nest was

Irete Ojuani reveals in one of her patakies that the woodpecker betrayed through its chirping where the nest was located and as a result the predators attacked its chicks.

You must remain silent about your personal affairs and plans, because the envious will never rest in their eagerness to put bad thoughts on their own purposes.

The person carries with him old quarrels from the past

Your enemies want revenge on you and have come to think of retaliating against your family.

If you want to see your dreams consolidated, do not share them with anyone until they are a fact.

Through this letter the person drags old fights from the past with him, put an end to all his conflicts and turn the page so that he can be happy.

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