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Irete Untelu sign: Ifá of analysis where the most intelligent wins the war

Irete Untelu sign

Irete Untelu is an Ifá sign that marks tensions between the godfather and the godson, where due to life circumstances they break relationships.

Therefore, it is recommended to the religious before starting in Osha-Ifá that he carefully choose who will be his representative, so that in the future he does not have to regret this event.

orunmila He advises you to measure your words with your elders and avoid misunderstandings and disrespect from happening between you.

In this letter, the product of the drink, death came to Orula

Under this letter, the Ifá priest is awarded Olofin.

Irete Untelu points out the event of a tragedy motivated by infidelities, where the couple is recommended to maintain respect above all else and avoid reaching violence to resolve their differences.

You must respect the drink, because in this letter, the product of the drink, death came to Orula.

If you are going to drive, try not to have ingested alcoholic beverages, because in this company your life can be lost.

In this odun, greed, pride and vanity are taboo

You are an envied person, your enemies to see you badly have placed curses on the door of your house.

This is a sign where wars are won with intelligence and not with brute force.

Never show all your weapons to the enemy, keep some pieces hidden so that the surprise attack is effective and overwhelming.

In this odun, greed, pride and vanity are taboo, defects that lead the human being to the precipice, losing everything by making bad decisions.

Other powerful tips from the Sign Irete Untelu:

  • Ifá recommends you never seek love or friendship out of interest because in the long run you will be the one harmed.
  • You were raised by two women to whom you owe equal respect and devotion.
  • In this sign they suffer from liver diseases, mainly cirrhosis, you must respect the meal and sleep schedules so that your metabolism is not altered.
  • Always respect justice and try by all means not to get involved in illegal business.

Listen to your mother's advice, respect it and comply with it

You must be sure of your preferences and not allow anyone to impose themselves or influence your tastes or decisions.

In this letter the religious must fight to achieve his independence at an early age in life so that he can live in peace and harmony.

Listen to the advice of your mother so that it goes well, respect her and comply with her and in this way Orunmila will be pleased with you.

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