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In Iroso Ojuani you become King, but you can lose your crown

Iroso Ojuani sign

Iroso Ojuani is the Ifá sign where unforeseen events are born.

The religious governed by this letter must be cautious with electricity, since electric discharges are usually the cause of fatal accidents in this odun.

This is why you should not expose yourself to inclement weather, nor should you handle the current barefoot or with wet hands.

Under this letter the individual progressesBut you need to be cautious and make good decisions so you don't lose what you have gained.  

Ifá says that in this sign the religious becomes king, but his crown can collapse, due to a bad determination influenced by the envy of those around him.

Orula advises you to be guided by your heart and your own ideas, so that in the future you have nothing to regret.

Pride and impulsiveness are the great osogbos of the Iroso Ojuani sign

Elegguá and Shangó defend you and your family tooth and nail, which is why you owe them devotion and respect.

These Orishas who came into your life to be a bulwark ask you to be receptive to their advice so that you do not get lost along the way.

  • In this sign Elegguá and Shango eat together.

Pride and impulsiveness are the worst osogbos Iroso Ojuani, learn to contain yourself and better analyze your strategies so that you do not take false steps.

Work to bring good fortune to you

  1. When the person has had a streak of bad luck, you should put on your best clothes and visit a place where many people converge and thus good fortune will find you and stay with you.
  2. Then, when you get home, dress in white so that Obatalá will give you the intelligence you need to be able to use the iré you have received.

In the Sign Iroso Ojuani Beware of the candle!

Be careful with fire, as a result of this you could get hurt.

In this sign, the religious should not leave his house leaving candles or the kitchen lit because a fire can happen in his house and lose everything.

Love will bring you tragedy if it sustains you in debauchery

In the Iroso Ojuani sign, tragedies are experienced out of love, since the religious tends to be promiscuous and with this attitude creates an arayé (problem) around him.

Where you are not well received, do not attend because you will experience hot flashes.

The godfather is in the duty of instructing his godchildren in religion so that they learn to defend themselves and know how they should work with their Orishas.

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