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The Iroso sign ≫ Religious advice to respect religion

Iroso sign

Iroso is a sign where you must be very careful and cautious. The santero must measure his words when facing the Orishas, ​​since he runs the risk of incurring disrespect and misunderstandings before the deities.

People are not spoken ill of and false testimonies are not raised.

Prohibitions that must be respected in this sign:

Avoid holes Iroso sign

Be especially careful with holes

It is strictly forbidden for the Yoruba practitioner to observe through holes, since the Osha He states that he could suffer physical damage related to the organ of vision, in the same way that he is exposed to indecent accusations.

In this odun no holes are opened in the house or in its surroundings since this action is considered as a spiritual magnet capable of attracting misfortune.

This exercise should be avoided at all costs in homes where there are elderly and seriously ill people, since it is considered that it anticipates their departure to the world of the Eggunes.

Take care of the way you dress to avoid osogbos

In Iroso, the religious must be very careful and neat when dressing, it is taboo in this letter to wear black clothes and borrow clothes because by doing this the individual can acquire curses or osogbos that may be harming other people .

Avoid certain practices so as not to attract disease

Avoid illnesses in an angry sign

This letter advises the believer not to walk barefoot since he is in danger of acquiring parasitic diseases or suffering accidents, it is forbidden to eat the nails due to the risk of suffering infections, recommending that they always remain clean and short.

The santero is exhorted to take extreme hygiene measures during food preparation and to practice proper hand washing before eating and handling them, since gastrointestinal tract diseases such as vomiting and diarrhea are born in Iroso.

Keep clean for good energy to flow

Keep clean Iroso sign

Chairs and other broken furniture are taboo in the house of the santero that is governed under the sign Iroso, since this is considered bad luck and a reason for delay.

In a way, Osha recommends keeping the house clean and organized so that it becomes a reflection of the believer's own life.

Avoid the night and take care of negative feelings

Through this odun one does not go out at night alone, since the person is warned of the possibility of suffering an assault or an accident that could put his life and physical integrity at risk.

Secrets or plans are not shared with outsiders, as these can be twisted due to envy, jealousy and other negative feelings.

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