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Iwori Yekun: Don't give in to blackmail for fear your secrets will be revealed

Iwori Yekun sign

Iwori Yekun is a sign in which caution and respect will save the religious.

In this letter, due to blackmail, the person could lose his life or take revenge with his own hands in order to silence a secret that he wishes not to reach public light.

Do not share your projects or your intimacies with anyone so that the enemy does not use that information against you.

Receive Orunmila so that your life may prosper

Receive Orunmila to get:

  • Health,
  • seat,
  • repose,
  • long life and
  • expiration of causes and difficulties on the plane of the earth.

Through Orula you will be able to worship all the Orishas, always respect their advice and never let your word fall to the ground.

Some powerful tips from the Iwori Yekun Sign:

  • In this odun product to a betrayal the marriage is broken.
  • Always protect yourself during intimacy so that you do not contract venereal diseases.
  • The hemorrhages were born in this sign, Orula recommends you attend the doctor before the appearance of these phenomena to look for the cause that caused them.

Do not live impossible romances so that your life is not harmed

You have had romances with two people who know each other, when this situation is discovered you will suffer an embarrassment.

Be careful because in revenge for your actions these people will unite to harm you.

Do not face wars for impossible loves, or interfere with married people so that you do not live the osogbo of your sign.

Abortion cannot be used as a contraceptive method

Do not perform abortions unless the pregnancy endangers your life, so that your health is not harmed by performing this procedure.

Perform a regular breast self-examination and if you detect any abnormality, go immediately to the doctor, because all things have a solution in time.

Never turn your back on a group of people who are clustered

You have an enemy that is following your trail to harm you.

Never turn your back on a group of people who are agglutinated, because a phenomenon could form at the moment and you could be harmed, even if it has nothing to do with those involved.

Its changing character conditions the making of its decisions

In this sign, the person has a changing character, a situation that conditions their decision-making.

When you offer your word, you must know how to fully comply with the deal because if you do not do so, your prestige will be tarnished.

Remember: In the Sign Iwori Yekun must be clear in his intentions and will not be involved in misunderstandings. 

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