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What brand Obara Irete? Ifá: the religious must have a word

Obara Irete sign

Obara Irete is in love, so you can live several loves at the same time.

This attitude, far from benefiting you, will harm you because you will end up losing your family under the utopia of fleeting relationships.

obara irete is a sign of Ifa where:

  • The individual has to have a word and know what it costs to defraud a person who has trusted you.
  • Ifá says that you never promise your children something that you will not be able to get because they will end up disappointed.
  • Stay away from the gossip and you will live better and calmer.
  • Many of the people around you want to know your life in detail, but do not share anything about yours with you.

Always respect Yemayá, because it is the Orisha of the sea who comes out to defend him from dangers.

Unity in the family is the most important good that exists

Do not lend yourself to dishonest acts because you will suffer an embarrassment.

This sign speaks of a person close to your family who could be operated on urgently.

Orula says that unity in the family is the most important good that exists and that when communication fails under his roof all his plans are destroyed.

At home, most of the conflicts that prevail are related to people outside the family.

The güiro went to the bottom of the sea for disobedience

Respect the daughters of Oshún, if your partner is the daughter of this deity, be jealous with his treatment of her, because Oshún gave her to you so that you would make her happy.

In the Obara Irete sign, the güiro went to the bottom of the sea for disobedience, be respectful, first with the Eggunes and the Orishas and later with the world.

In this odun, the religious who is not obedient and does not know how to listen to advice will be lost.

Obara Irete: respect must prevail between the children of Oshún and Shango

In this letter, respect was born between the children of Oshún and Shango, dress combining these colors and luck will come to you.

When this sign appears, a vase with black princes and sunflowers is placed on Shangó and Oshún.

For the development in this sign, Oshún is fanned for five days.

The event of a tragedy based on a rumor is born in this sign

Your image is the cover letter that you have, take care of it so that you can make a good impression on the world.

The event of a tragedy based on a rumor is born in this sign.

Orula recommends you stay out of gossip, especially those that are based on passionate issues.

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