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What brand Obara Iroso? Here Obatalá came down to earth to visit his children

Obara Iroso sign

In the Obara Iroso sign Obatala the holy owner of peace and human intelligence went down to earth to visit his children, leaving instructions to use the cascarilla as an element of purification and defense against osogbos and sorcery.

Baba indicated to his descendants that:

  • They dressed in white,
  • they will respect the night and
  • they will not taste vices.

In this Ifá are offered in gratitude to Obatalá:

  • Two candles and
  • a vase of white flowers at the foot of his tureen.

In the Obara Iroso sign, the religious adores Saint Lazarus

One of the patakis belonging to this odun relates that Babalú Ayé reigned over the Lucumí land.

One day due to his disorderly conduct he contracted leprosy as a punishment for his professed disobedience.

From that moment he was exiled from the kingdom and went out to seek his fate in distant lands.

He walked for strenuous days with the faithful company of his dogs, being forced to live on human charity and having to ring a bell before entering any village he came to so that people would hide and he could pass through the village without causing setbacks.

Give your worries, your wars and your fears to old Lazarus

  • In this Ifá the religious must have a figure of Saint Lazarus in his home and later when he can receive this Orisha.
  • The person must render devotion to this deity, because in Obara Iroso the individual is saved by Saint Lazarus.
  • Give Babalú Ayé your worries, your wars and your fears and have full confidence that old Lázaro will listen to your pleas.

In this sign the person reaches a luck through the arrival of their children

Ifá says that the religious ruled by this sign must perform ceremonies so that the little ones in the home:

  • Are healthy and,
  • free from sorcery, evil thoughts and osogbos.

In this sign, the person reaches luck through the arrival of their children, at which time true love knocks on their door and never leaves again.

Educate your descendants correctly and plant in their hearts love, honesty, kindness and the need to study a profession that when the time comes will allow them to have a decent livelihood for themselves and the future family that they will form.

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