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Obara Iwori sign: Direct your life into useful things, in good is success

Obara Iwori sign

For the religious ruled by the sign Obara Iwori to be saved He must take the path of good and direct his life into activities that are beneficial for himself and for society.

  • Dedicate your life to studying a profession that allows you to earn an honest living,
  • avoid problems with the law and
  • respect those around you and the world will respect you.

Be careful who you associate with, as bad company could have a negative impact on your reputation.

In this sign, the one who imitates fails, be guided by your own head so that later you do not have to regret having been influenced in making your decisions.

Vices derail man from his path in the Obara Iwori Sign

Excessive diversions, vices, and lust derail man from his path.

Change your lifestyle and luck will smile on you again.

You must lean on the saints so that you can have stability at home and at work.

Never exchange health for money, keep in mind that a good reputation will open many doors for you.

You are the protégé of Orula, the divinatory deity of the Yoruba Pantheon

Give love to your family and they will feel sheltered under your wings.

You are the protégé of Orula, divinatory deity who came into your life to give you everything you needed.

Never deny religion because thanks to the Orishas you are standing today.

Ifá says that nothing will be eternal in his life, neither the good nor the bad

Ifá says that nothing will be eternal, neither good nor bad, save bread for the future because the future is uncertain.

When you feel tormented:

  • Perform a simple head prayer with a prodigious leaf and invoke the presence of Obatalá so that the Orisha, owner of human intelligence, provides you with peace and serenity.

You cannot act on impulse because you will lose everything

In the Obara Iwori sign, the rabbit was killed for saving the lives of Orula and Obatala.

For this reason the children of these Orishas should not eat this animal in payment for that noble sacrifice that the rabbit made in his day.

You cannot act on impulse because you will lose everything you have, learn to shape your character in the face of unforeseen events and in this way success accompanies you.añara

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