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Obara Ofun: Sign ruled by Obatala, holy owner of all heads

Obara Ofun Sign

Obedience is one of the virtues that you must reap in the Obara Ofun sign, because in perseverance, effort and dedication you will find success.

  • In this sign the ailments of the central nervous system are born.

This letter is ruled by Obatala the holy owner of all heads, Orisha in which the religious should lean asking for patience and clarity to make better decisions.

Always respect Baba because he is a fundamental pillar in your life

Obara Ofun must keep praying his head, so that his leri (head) is fresh and free of osogbos and disturbances.

Always respect Baba because he is a fundamental pillar in the life of all santeros and Oluos.

In this sign was born the reason why Obatalá does not eat salt, a situation for which the saint recommends his children not to eat it in excess.

It is taboo to raise your hand to women and children

Ifá says that you owe a promise to Shangó, comply with the Orisha and pay him what he promised.

In this sign, to please the saint, a great offering must be made.

It is taboo:

  • Raise your hand to women and children,
  • Abusing other people is a sin that is paid dearly under the laws of the Osha-Ifá.

Protect your family and protect your children so that in their old age they repay you with love and care.

In Obara Ofun the deformities of the human skeleton are born

In the sign Obara Ofun were born:

  • hunchbacked people and
  • deformities of the human skeleton.

In this letter the person suffers from scoliosis and must correct their posture so that the disease does not continue to progress.

Do not argue with anyone about money, but be aware that the money you lend will not be recovered.

Moderate your temperament so that your health is not harmed

You must learn to moderate your temperament and your emotions because the stability of your blood pressure will be conditioned by your state of mind.

Some important advice of the sign:

  • When you leave your house, leave everything well closed, be careful so that you do not suffer a robbery.
  • Before the appearance of ailments, visit the doctor and do not prescribe treatments without consulting the relevant physician. 
  • They will try to harm you through food, do not drink or eat anywhere.
  • Respect the yam and breadfruit in the Obara Ofun sign.

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