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4 Warnings of Obara Ogunda: Always keep your eyes wide open

Obara Ogunda Sign

In the Obara Ogunda sign Olofin gave Ashé to the goose so that it could live on earth, making it beautiful and peculiar.

Through this bird of fine plumage, the religious governed under this sign is represented, being a person who, although he wants to go unnoticed, does not succeed because he stands out in the crowd.

Due to this, man must have a socially correct behavior, because he will always be criticized.

You should not do what is established to look good with anyone but to respect your conscience and comply with your Orishas and Eggunes, who are the only ones to whom the person owes explanations.

1. Respect all people who comb gray hair

Ifá says that:

  • The person is blessed and for this reason he should never get tired of thanking the saints, spirits and parents.

Respect all people who comb gray hair because with this action you will be honoring Obatalá, Orisha major and owner of intelligence and all heads.

Dress in white or light colors so that your astral stays pure like the swan's feathers.

2. The person governed by this Ifá must always be faithful

The person ruled by the Obara Ogunda sign must always be faithful to:

  • Their believes,
  • beginning,
  • family,
  • couple and
  • dreams, so that you achieve success in life.

Don't live hiding or engañaing no one because sooner or later the lies will be discovered and you could suffer an embarrassment.

Take care of falls or foot injuries because these could be serious for your health.

3. The man must do ebbo to stay close to what he wants

In this sign the pega fish was born, an animal with which man must make ebbo to always stay close to what he wants.

  • Keep your eyes peeled so you don't fall into traps or get swayed by siren songs.
  • Always seek the truth of what is happening around you and do not opt ​​for anything at first.
  • The infidelities are cleaned with blood in this odun, always respect if you want them to be reciprocal.

4. You are an industrious person, but remember to reward your effort

You are a hard-working person, it is very good to be committed and do your best, but remember that you must reward your effort, because not everything in life can be sacrifice and work.

Know how to recognize the virtues and good gestures of those around you, in this way you will grow spiritually.

Respect married people and do not maintain secret love relationships, whoever wants to have something with you must know how to give him his place.

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