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What does the Obara Ojuani sign mark? Ifá of exile, of luck and religiosity

Obara Ojuani Sign

Obara Ojuani is a sign of Ifá where the religious overcomes his difficulties by offering a drum to his Guardian Angel.

  • With this action the person will placate the osogbos that are prowling their way.

Religious tips you should know:

In this letter it is necessary to surrender to religion and understand that the Orishas do not exist without the Eggunes and vice versa.

Under this letter, failure will come to the person's life if they are not able to fight for what they want.

Shangó in this Ifá lived in exile, having to dwell in foreign lands.añas to obtain prosperity for you and your family.

This lyrics talk about migrations, where the person leaves in search of a better future, but on the way to his dream loved ones are left behind and he suffers several losses.

When the religious decides to leave his country of origin, he must consult with his Guardian Angel, because in search of a utopia he may lose his life.

You will be good in life in everything you set out to do

You were born with ashe and have great luck at work.

Orula says that:

You will be good in life in everything you set out to do.

Watch out for your enemies!

A person very close to you is envious of you and silently wishes you ill, do not trust anyone so that you do not lose your good fortune.

His enemies wish to ridicule him in front of his social circle, but his Eggunes will not allow such a situation and will always be at his right hand to guide and protect him.

His fate will not be the same as that of his peers

In the Sign of Obara Ojuani, having faith you will always be saved, take good pleasure in the advice that Orula offers you so that you do not fail in life.

His fate will not be the same as that of his companions, because each human being arrives on earth with a specific mission, which is unrepeatable in each one.

Do not envy anyone's achievements because what is considered lucky by some is the sad fatality of others, learn to settle for what you have.

In this sign the person is lucky and does not know it

Throw a party at your house Orisha ELEGUÁ., so that the Orisha who owns the paths of life, always has one of these open to him.

In this Odun of Ifá the person is lucky and does not know it, learn to thank the Orishas for everything they have given him and do not go alone to them to ask for favors.

Don't forget or leave Eggun aside, because his will will be with the dead.

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