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The sign Obara Osa and its Rituals: Ifá of rivalry where it wins with Ebbó

Obara Osa sign

Says Orula in the Obara Osa Sign that an enemy stalks you near your home or work.

You must be alert to this situation because that person wants to harm you, because envy corrodes you inside and cannot tolerate that you are happy or that you are doing well in life.

In his workplace, a person longs for his job and has secretly tried to harm him so that his performance is overshadowed by lies. 

Attend the foot of Orula for the fortune teller to help you solve your problems.

  • Do not drive on the street in the early hours of the morning because you may be robbed.
  • A person close to you cast a spell on you and from that day on you feel that you do not evolve.
  • Attend the foot of Orula for the Ifá fortune teller to help you solve your problems.

You have unmasked many of those around you

You are an observant person and thanks to that virtue you have been able to penetrate many of those around you, unmasking your true intentions.

Pay Babalú Ayé the promises he has made to you

  • Insure your material goods so that you do not suffer loss of them.
  • Do not lend your belongings because they will not be returned to you.
  • Pay to Babalu Aye the promises he has made so that his life may pass in peace.
  • Many of the people who claim to be your friends discredit you in public, do not trust your secrets to anyone so that they are not revealed.

Works and cleaning to evolve in the Obara Osa sign

Make house cleaning and small evolutions so that prosperity comes to your life.

  • Learn to make good decisions and your luck will change positively.
  • To fall asleep and achieve rest, cover your head with a white scarf.
  • Stay united with your family and together you will overcome difficulties.

To refresh the house:

  • Put ice in the entrance and let it melt on its own.

In this way the sorceries deposited there will be eradicated and a calmer atmosphere can be breathed in the house.

If you are a Santero to purify the house of bad energies and disturbances:

  1. Take a coconut and paint it white with cascarilla,
  2. then roll it with your foot around all corners of the hearth from back to front,
  3. then smash it in the middle of the door.

With this action you will have the results you are looking for. 

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